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When will we get moving again? Nothing annoys drivers quite as much as pointlessly sitting in a traffic jam.
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A man floating on an air mattress in the water
Photo (detail): Dirk Vorderstraße ©
Photo of the Adler typewriter prop from the Kubrick movie “The Shining”
Photo: © Flickr User Seth Anderson
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Enhanced SEM image of a tardigrade (Macrobiotus sapien), colloquially known as a “water bear,” in moss.
Photo: © Eye of Science / Science Source
Zacatecas, Mexico
Photo: Anel Mariana Pérez Cabrera
Detail Francisco De Goya — “The Witches’ Sabbath” 1797–98 Museum of Lazaro Galdiano
Photo (detail): © Museum Lazaro Galdiano / Public Domain
School of Herring
Photo: © Public Domain / Rawpixel
A railway museum’s 1925 steam train in Silverton, Colorado
Photo (Detail): Michael Gäbler © Wikimedia Commons
Inside Hurricane Dorian
Photo Courtesy of Garrett Black /U.S. Air Force
Harry Dean Stanton stands in a desert in “Paris, Texas”
Photo: © Road Movies Filmproduktion
A detail of a historical postcard showing a man’s muscular arm stopping a large wheel
Photo (Detail): © Rauh & Pohle, Leipzig via Wikimedia Commons
Bloodletting Devices 18th and 19th century
© Dorotheum Wien
Photo: © Jairo Alvarado