These short-form contributions serve as an introduction to standstill and its many forms. Click through anecdotes, mini-essays, and humorous visualizations of stillness in this selection designed for novices.
View of the hand of an unknown holy Sadhu sitting at the Ganges river
Photo: Jose Hernandez
Deep Dream Image (Detail) of Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” (Cropped)
© Image by Kyle McDonald via Flickr:
The low season: empty coast in Goa
© Erdmuthe Hacken

The Off-Season
A Deep Breath in the Interlude

Erdmuthe Hacken and Michael Krell

Graphic of a cosmic hand pointing down to planet earth
Image editing: Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
Zwei Schafe blicken aufs Remstal
Photo: Verena Hütter
Still Frame from the Grouper Video  “I’m clean now”: Liz Harris in the rain in front of a red smoke screen
Photo: © Grouper / Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music
Collage of the top results of a Google search for the terms “moon,” “dam,” and “Marilyn Monroe”
Collage: Verena Hütter
Dumped junk by the roadside near Guadalajara, Mexico
Photo: Nico Klomann
The two continents, Laurussia and Gondwana, reaching for each other (illustration)
Illustration: Dominik Wendland
A very fast photon speeding through space (illustration)
Illustration: Dominik Wendland
Photo (detail): Allan Hack © Wikimedia Commons
ISS Astronaut Christina Koch installing a new piece of hardware for the Cold Atom Lab, an experimental physics facility that chills atoms to almost absolute zero (0 degrees kelvin, - 459 degrees Fahrenheit)
Photo: © NASA/JPL-Caltech
Andy Warhol, “Screen Test: Bob Dylan [ST83],” 1966
Film still: Courtesy The Andy Warhol Museum
Album cover “100% Rasender Stillstand”
Illustration: Frau Paula — Rasender Stillstand (Band)

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Word cloud
Illustration: Kitty Kahane