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Marta Lempart

Marta Lempart

Jurist, Activist

Marta Lempart is the initiator of Black Monday – the first nationwide Women's Strike on 3 October 2016, the mass black protests against the restriction of the abortion law. She is one of the faces of the nationwide Women's Strike, which is fighting for women's rights and a Poland for all. Marta Lempart is one of the leaders of the civic democratic opposition, co-organizer of protests for protection of the independence of the courts, against paedophilia in the church, and for the protection of the rights of people with disabilities. She participates in anti-fascist blockades and works, at the same time as a lawyer and legislator and she is the former director of the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. She has been charged for organizing and leading protests in more than 80 cases and trials.

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