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The philosopher was born in Königsberg 300 years ago. Kant’s work is considered to be the pinnacle of the philosophy of the Enlightenment. His maxim that we should use our own reason seems more relevant and pressing today than ever before. What lessons can we learn from Kant? Where did Kant fail in his own endeavours? What are the abysses and darker sides of the Enlightenment? This is what our Kant special is all about. And it is also about the philosopher himself: about his companions, quirks and surprising skills. Or did you know that Kant financed his studies by playing billiards? Enjoy our Kant special with curator Agnieszka Lulińska, illustrator Antje Herzog, author Felix Heidenreich, Goethe-Institut’s very own Shoshana Liessmann and, of course, the great master himself.