Equality, self-determination, representation – What do we need to do to live up to our diverse society?
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Care Work From Caring Communities to Caring Cities

The problem of unpaid care work is attracting increasing attention. But what are so-called queer care communities and why are they still needed? Alek B. Gerber describes how people are forced to close the supply gaps in public nursing care themselves.

Photo (detail): Sebastian Gollnow © picture alliance/dpa A kindergarten teacher reads to children.

Gender Images in Literature Of Angels, Monsters and Departing Women

Since time immemorial, Western literature has been characterised by stereotypical notions of gender. Myths and fairy tales, classical and modern literature are teeming with brave courageous heroes and long-suffering female figures. What is going on here and what is the negotiation actually about?

Filmstill (detail): © picture alliance A black and white film still, on the right you see the witch handing Snow White, sitting on the left, an apple.

Women’s Movement in Poland “We Have Had Enough“

Since 2016, women in Poland have been taking to the streets for their rights. They continue to demonstrate, fighting one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. Illustrator Magdalena Kaszuba tells their story in a comic. 

Illustration: © Magdalena Kaszuba Illustration: Face of a woman with the slogan: “Enough” in her mouth

Women’s Movement in Poland “What frightens them is that people in small cities are protesting“

The All-Poland Women's Strike is a movement that has mobilised people from big cities and small towns throughout the country. Co-initiator Marta Lempart explains the social and political changes driven by the strike and why it has turned into an anti-government protest.

Photo (detail): Tomasz Gzell © picture alliance Women dressed in black protest on the street

Women’s Rights in Iran Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Western media often reproduce the picture of the suppressed Iranian woman. That harms all the women in Iran who for decades have been standing up for their freedom and rights despite great risks and the threat of persecution.

Photo (detail): © Manouchehr Deghati A black and white photo, a young woman is led through a crowd by several men

Gender Equality Rwanda as a Role Model? How Free Are Women Really?

Rwanda is often praised in the media when it comes to equal rights for men and women. But to what extent does the external image of the Rwandan woman coincide with the woman in private? A conversation about successes, ambivalences and hurdles on the way to gender equality.

Photo (detail): Jean Bizimana © Reuters Genocide Memorial in Gisozi

Feminist Movements From Womanism to Witch Feminism

The overarching goal of all feminist movements is to put an end to sexist oppression. Feminists of different stripes have very different ideas about how to achieve this goal. An overview.

Photo (detail): Jordi Boixareu © ZUMAPRESS.com 2021 International women’s day graffiti

Internalised Misogyny The Anti-Women Attitude inside Us

Discrimination comes from outside – many people think. Yet we all internalise misogyny. Why is that?

Photo (detail): Diane Bondareff © picture alliance / AP Photo Many diverse toy barbies against black background

Safe(r) Spaces A Break from the World

Safe(r) Spaces: Many marginalised groups urgently need safe places where they can protect themselves from discrimination and communicate amongst themselves. The term is increasingly entering the discourse because spaces are never completely safe - we can only make them safer.

Photo: © Olaf Schülke © picture alliance / SZ Photo People in a waiting room

Female Post-Migrant Writing Who Is Included and Who Defines Reality?

Why do we believe storytellers? And why do they sometimes have to lie to us? A discussion in German with Shida Bazyar about female, post-migrant writing, the NSU and literary criticism.

Photo (detail): © Georg Wendt © picture alliance / dpa Shida Bazyar

Female DJs More Women Working the Turntables

female:pressure – a network helping to boost the number of female DJs.

Photo (detail): GGut live Sonoras 2018 © Jose M. Pedrajas Gudrun Gut has been a driving force in the music scene since the 1980s.

Masculinity When Is a Man a Man?

What does being a man mean these days? We have asked a few people in Germany what masculinity means to them.

Photo (detail): © János Erkens / Felix Schmitt Concepts of masculinity and role models: What does it mean today to be a man?

Intersectional Feminism A Community Garden

Diversity is not easy, but beautiful in many ways. The path towards equality mustn’t be a maze, but a community garden. In her essay, Dr. Michaela Dudley shows that the women’s movement can only hope for lasting progress if we understand it as intersectional. 

Photo (detail): John Nacion / STAR MAX / IPx © picture alliance / zz  A statue of Sojourner Truth in New York’s Central Park

Family Law Queer Families

Same-sex marriage and the third gender are legally recognized in Germany. But what are the consequences for the families concerned? An interview with professor of family law Nina Dethloff.

Photo (detail): Jens Kalaene; © dpa Figures of a father with child and a family with children - glued to the building of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth