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thekey, MILCH, Copyright: Brand

A Brilliant Past and so much Potential for the Future – Fashion in Berlin

Creativity aplenty and more and more savvy – step by step Berlin is managing to establish itself as a fashion mecca.More ...
Collection Stephan Schneider, Men SS 09, © Stephan Schneider

„Unfortunately, for Fashion Designers, Bestsellers are Taboo”: an Interview with Stephan Schneider

With his straightforward style and top-quality ready-to-wear line, this fashion designer has created a label that is in demand internationally. He was appointed Professor of Fashion Design at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste – UdK) in 2007.More ...
Hair Brush, © Bless

Just Experiments! Everything’s always Different at Bless

Only their jumpers can be stored in a drawer, their Bless label absolutely can’t. Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss make clothes, furniture, accessories – and don’t want to be pinned down, not even to a job description.More ...
'30 paar haende', Copyright: Harry Schnitger

Campus Couture – the 30paarhaende Label

Every six months this label changes its designers - 30paarhaende is not just a fashion company, but also a university project which enables students to get to know the "serious side of fashion design" for one term.More ...

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Weblog: Rory’s Berlin Blog

Settling in Berlin: Travelwriter Rory MacLean gives an amusing and insightful account of his new home – part of “Meet the Germans”.