Youth in Germany

Young People in Germany

The period between childhood and adulthood – everybody is familiar with it, everybody has gone through it, and it was pretty different for each one of us. Just as values and role models change from one generation to the next, the needs, longings and life plans of young people change, too. Reflections on today’s young generation, on individualists, engagement, and youth cultures.
Archiv der Jugendkulturen, Foto: Anna Mayrhauser

“Youth cultures are always just as political as one another”

A visit to the Archive of Youth Cultures in Berlin has been helping to overcome prejudices for 15 years.More ...
Grafik: Philipp Nowatschin

Young People in Germany – Data and Facts

Young people in Germany are family-oriented, mainly spend their leisure time in social networks and are fearful about the future. Really? An overview in data and facts.More ...
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Spoilt for the Choice of a Career – Young people hoping for happiness and money

What should I be? At some point each of us must face this question. Normally, childhood dreams are swapped for careers that promise security, fulfillment and big money.More ...
Dr Marc Calmbach. Photo:

Sinus Youth Study 2012 – “Work Hard and Play Hard”

What makes young people tick? This was what the new Sinus Youth Study run by social researcher Dr Marc Calmbach aimed to find out. In our interview, he paints a picture of a generation without any particularly rebellious tendencies.More ...
With a mobile health bus, Thomas Heitz drove through the streets of Delhi and cared for street children on the spot. Photo: Etter/MISEREOR

Off to Do Good Deeds – Young People and Volunteer Work

Some protect animals, train young players at the football club or are altar boys. Others even go abroad to help street children. Millions of young people are engaged in volunteer work. Why?More ...
„Welle: Asphaltkultur“ von Samir Akika/Unusual Symptoms; Foto: Jan Rasmus Lippels

Energy and Renewal – The HipHop Academy Hamburg

It’s more than just youth culture. At the HipHop Academy Hamburg, dancers and musicians receive professional training.More ...
Marc Ludwig, Copyright: Marc Ludwig

“Shout for your Rights”

Human rights are Marc Ludwig’s thing. Ever since he was 14, the now 24-year-old Berliner has been fighting for respect for these rights and developing strategies to motivate young people to get involved in human rights work.More ...
Drawing by Fabian Oswald,
Copyright: Fabian Oswald

A kind of chain reaction leading to the actual idea

He has always had a passion for inventing stories. By the age of 13, Fabian Oswald had already produced five of his own animated films and won the German Newcomers' Film Award 2005.More ...
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Cosplay, Gothic, Ultras, Demoszene (i.e. demo scene), BM and DM, or even Visual Kei – (only in German) is a gift from heaven for everyone to whom such terms signify nothing but question marks.More ...


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