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Hu 互 Tan 探 - German-Chinese Exchange Programme in Cultural Management - Third Round

Hu 互 Tan 探. Foto: Andreas Kueppers
Hu 互 Tan 探. Foto: Andreas Kueppers
Five Chinese and five German culture managers will have the chance to participate in an exchange and qualification programme in cultural management from late August 2015. The programme will be organized by the Goethe-Institut and the Stiftung Mercator. It facilitates knowledge and competencies for bilateral cooperation in the cultural area. It brings cultural managers and cultural institutions together to strengthen the cooperation between Germany and China specifically in this area. The essential target of this programme is to develop German-Chinese cultural projects.

Five teams will be built up among the participants according to their individual profiles; each of the team consists of one German and one Chinese participant. The duration of the programme is three months for all participants, six weeks of the project term will be accomplished in Germany and six weeks in China. The team partners will spend the time together during the entire project period.

The programme starts with a 2-week theory seminar for all participants in Germany (Hamburg and Berlin). After that the Chinese participants will stay in the cultural institution of their German team partner for up to four weeks. Upon completion of this period the Chinese participants will fly back to Beijing, and there will be two and half week of programme break. The following six weeks of the programme part in China also includes seminar phases in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as a 4-week phase, in which the German participants stay in the cultural institution of their Chinese team partners. On the final day all participants will present their project ideas that they have developed during their cooperation. The certificates of participation will also be granted on this day.

The theory modules convey special features on intercultural project management, particularly regarding China and Germany, as well as a well-based insight into structures, working methods and special features of the cultural area in each Country. Trainings, expert lectures and group exercises alternate with excursions of cultural institutions. While staying in each other's cultural institutions, the participants will combine their past experiences with their newly gained knowledge and develop specific project ideas, where they will get an insight into current projects of the partner institutions.

An exclusive fund will be provided for carrying out those commonly developed ideas. The decision if these ideas will be funded, is to be made in a separate selection procedure.

The cultural management programme is targeted at young cultural managers up to 40 years of age who are working in German or Chinese cultural institutions or as freelance cultural managers.

Programme period: 22 August to 6 December 2015

Programme sites: Germany: Hamburg, Berlin / China: Beijing, Shanghai

Programme language: English

Download: Download SymbolInformation about the programme and the application procedure (English Version) (PDF, 176 KB)
Download SymbolInformation about the programme and the application procedure (Chinese Version) (PDF, 200KB)

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