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Dr. Andreas Ströhl © Goethe-Instituthead of the Culture and Information department

Enzio Wetzel © Goethe-Instituthead of the Culture and Development division

Culture and Development

The arts, culture, and education play decisive roles in the constitution of societies and in coping with current global and regional challenges. Artists, persons in the cultural sector, and media players are seismographs as well as shapers of social change. Yet in order to be heard and able to act they need a self-confident voice, a professional structural basis, and a sound network.

This is the awareness behind the work of the Goethe-Instituts in particular in development cooperation countries and countries with transition economies. At the same time it is the origin of the Culture and Development initiative.

The initiative’s programmes contribute to strengthening cultural infrastructures and the arts sector. They aim to improve framework conditions for the arts and culture and to support the development of education- and knowledge-based societies in the host countries. The programmes traincultural workers and advise cultural institutions. They network the stakeholders with one another and with relevant initiatives and institutions in Germany. In addition to collaborating with cultural institutions, television stations and schools, the initiative also works with development cooperation organizations, with universities, and with government ministries.

Specifically, the Goethe-Institut offers workshops in the fields of cultural programming (film, music, visual arts, theatre and dance, literature) and in information and library sciences as well as modular advanced training seminars in cultural and project management, in publishing, for museum educators, and arts journalists, which are combined with internships at cultural institutions in Germany. The programmes incorporate distribution and marketing aspects and build bridges to international arts scenes.
Events held in cooperation with the stakeholders on the role of the arts and culture in Germany and in the host countries amplify these activities’ visibility and impact.

The diversity of the programmes devised by Culture and Development are based on the following basic principles: The advanced training programmes are designed together with the local stakeholders and institutions. Artistic and curatorial subject matter are directly linked with technical and organizational aspects of cultural sector practice. The autonomy of the arts and culture is respected and considered and is correlated with social as well as economic challenges.

Enzio Wetzel, head of the Culture and Development division
Dr. Andreas Ströhl, head of the Culture and Information department

Reportagen Bilder Gespräche: Kultur und Entwicklung

Magazin des Goethe-Instituts (Foto: Goethe-Institut)
The issue 02/2012 of the Goethe-Institut magazine conveys a vivid impression of the initiative “Culture and Development”.

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