Paradigms of Sharing - Eva Illouz, Ute Frevert, Evgeny Morozov
Paradigms of Sharing - Lecture with Eva Illouz and Talk with Ute Frevert and Evgeny Morozov © Nic Snell
What do we share when we are in love?
In love and intimacy, we are sharing our inner selves with others. In a way, sharing even seems to by synonymous with love. In her lecture, “Paradigms of Sharing,” the Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz examines this terminological affinity: Have sharing and loving always been so closely related? What social and cultural conditions have made sharing an essential quality of love and intimacy? What exactly is it people share when they share their inner selves with others? And what does it mean to share too much with others? Following her lecture, Eva Illouz will be joined in conversation by historian Ute Frevert and author Evgeny Morozov.