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Re-visiting the Outbreak of WWI. A Centennial Commemorative Conference, 2014

Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) an der Nationalen Universität Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur

Franz Marc, (Tirol, 1914) - Franz Marc [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Franz Marc, (Tirol, 1914) - Franz Marc [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The conference deals with political as well as social and cultural implications and effects World War I had on the 20th century in Europe, Asia and America.

Objectives of the conference:

1. To revisit and broaden the knowledge about WWI perceived from perspectives of various branches of humanities (culture, history, political science, sociology) and in different geopolitical contexts (America, Asia and Europe).
2. To update the historiography on various aspects of WWI according to the latest research of the conference participants.
3. To bridge some of the gaps in the historiography and to suggest some of the areas for further research.
4. To initiate and engage in dialogues between various branches of humanities and social sciences.
5. To promote conversations across disciplinary boundaries and encourage comparative perspectives in the studies on the significance of WWI.

Themes and Panels:

  • The road to the war
  • WWI in Europe
  • WWI in Asia and Africa (i.e role of the countries in South East Asia, incl. Malaysia in a colonial context)
  • WWI in the mass culture/ popular culture (i.e. films about WWI and their ideologies)
  • Political, social and cultural aftermaths and consequences (i.e. Nationalism in Europe and Asia/Technical developments, Technological progress/ Surrealism and Dadaism as art forms/ Social movements like feminism)

The conference will bring together more than 30 international scholars dealing with studies focused on World War I. The keynote speakers are: Prof Dr Naoko Shimazu (London), Prof Dr Arnd Bauerkämper (Berlin), Prof Dr Eberhard Demm (Berlin / Grenoble), Prof Dr Alexey Miller (Moscow) and Prof Dr Bernd Schäfer, Woodrow Wilson International Center Washington/USA.

The Publication on the conference will be published in Fritz Lang publishing house/ Germany in English.

Organizers and Partners: Organized by the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS) at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) und the Goethe-Institut Malaysia in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur and the Russian Cultural Center.

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    Otto Dix, Selbstporträt als Mars, 1915, Öl auf Leinwand ©Städtische Sammlungen Freital