Rabih Mroué, actor, stage director, author

Christoph Bieber Source: University Duisburg EssenRabih Mroué; Photo: (c) Olaf Pascheit

Rabih Mroué was born in Lebanon in 1967. He is an actor, stage director and dramaturge. He studied theatre in Beirut and now works for the Lebanese magazine Kalamon and the magazine TDR: The Drama Review. Furthermore, he is a co-founder and board member of the Beirut Art Center Association (BAC). In his interdisciplinary works, Rabih Mroué frequently addresses the political situation in his homeland.

With his “Lecture Performances”, he cultivates a theatrical form that recalls traditional storytellers on Arab markets. At the “Reclaiming Public Space” conference in Berlin, Mroué will be presenting his 2012 work The Pixelated Revolution that was developed in this vein. The “non-academic lecture” deals with the use of mobile phones during the Syrian revolution and the distribution of photos and films taken with them on Facebook and other virtual channels of communication.

Publications and statements on the subject

The Pixelated Revolution, 2012 http://vimeo.com/44123255

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