Competition "My World – Our Languages" (Macedonia)

Copyright: Goethe-Institut The liaison office of the Goethe-Institut in Skopje conducted the project "My World – Our Languages" in the course of 2008, in which 20 primary schools in Macedonia were involved. The starting point was a competition.
The pupils from the 1st to 9th grades were given the task of painting a picture with a motif from "their world". After that the pupils had to attempt to find the name of their motif in all languages spoken as mother tongues in Macedonia. Alongside the national language of Macedonian, there are in particular Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Romanes and Vlachish. In addition the pupils were also able to research other European languages.
In the schools teachers from various subjects collaborated on the conduct of the competition. The most important multipliers were the German teachers, who approached their colleagues in, for example, the subjects of art or the other foreign languages.
From the contributions submitted to the Goethe-Institut there arose various products: a memory game, posters, T-shirts and a film. These products serve to put into a positive light the wealth of languages in the pupils' own country, the learning of foreign languages and multilingualism in Europe, and to render them tangible. The memory game provided the basis for a nationwide competition in 2009.

All results and products were presented to the parents, pupils, teachers and other interested parties on 26 September 2008 in the German partner school Lazo Angelovski in Skopje.

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Pictures for competition (12 pictures)
Pictures for competition

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