Mobile Phone Video Competition: "Are you cool in other languages as well?"

The international mobile phone video competition "Languages without Borders – Are you cool in other languages as well?" was brought to a successful conclusion with more than 120 entries from 59 countries. On 12 November 2008 the winners were named at an awards ceremony in Berlin.

The 1st prize worth 1,000 euro went to the Canadian Elizabeth Nijdam, who lives in Japan, for her video "Universal Miscommunication"
TV SymbolUniversal Miscommunication by Elizabeth Nijdam

The 2nd prize, 750 euro, was awarded to Gulnara Petzold from Berlin for the video "Multi-ABC PingPong"
TV SymbolMulti-ABC PingPong by Gulnara Petzold

The 3rd prize of 500 euro was won by the Brazilian Marjane Barcellos for the video "Die Fee" ("The Fairy")
TV SymbolDie Fee by Marjane Barcellos


Closing date for entries was 6 October 2008. The winners will be notified in writing. The right of recourse to the courts is excluded.


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