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Munich: Climate, Art and Culture

© Steidl VerlagClimate change is a concern not only of the sciences. Art and culture also play an important role in respect to it, for they can make the issue into a sensory experience. The anthology edited by Johannes Ebert and Andrea Zell for the Goethe-Institut, klima kunst kultur (i.e. climate art culture), brings together essays and interviews that present artistic projects about climate-related disasters and environmental protection from around the world.

© Steidl Verlag“Climate change is cultural change”, writes the art historian Thomas Macho in his contribution to the volume, published by Steidl Publishers. It is part of this change that artists in recent years have increasingly taken up the issue of climate. The book presents these artistic approaches to climate change: for example, the photographs of the Nigerian photographer George Osodi, which document the pollution of the Niger delta by the oil industry; or a video installation by the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla, which shows how the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Katrina still determines people’s daily lives. Starting with art the anthology adopts a cultural-historical, ethnological and sociological point of view and asks what a culture that protects the climate would look like. Responsible treatment of the climate was also a goal of the elaborate design of the book itself: it has been produced in accordance with ecological principles by a resource-saving method of production.
klima kunst kultur
Welche Fragen formulieren Kunst und Kulturwissenschaften
(i.e. climate art culture. The questions posed by art and the cultural sciences)
edited by Johannes Ebert and Andrea Zell for the Goethe-Institut
Steidl Verlag: Göttingen 2014
168 pages, bound
€ 32.00


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