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An Ecological Age by 2050

Symposium and Working Seminar
Free admission
Mr. Ivan Rod, +45 2170 0858
© Culture|Futures
© Culture|Futures
Culture|Futures is an expanding positive spiral of engagement of cultural actors around the world who are moved to engage their work and creativity to sustain human and all life. The Cultural sector that we refer to is an interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-genre collaboration, which encompasses policymaking, intercultural dialogue/cultural relations, creative cities/cultural planning, creative industries and research & development. It is those decision-makers and practitioners who can reach people in a direct way, through diverse messages and mediums.

On December 7th – 18th 2009 the United Nations Summit on Climate Change (COP15) will take place in Copenhagen. To contribute to this some of the world’s most influential cultural networks, organizations and leaders will get together in Copenhagen for a symposium and a working seminar from December 7th – 9th 2009. At the end of these events, a message on the cultural agenda and the need for cultural investments for delivering an Ecological Age by 2050 will be confirmed and will be officially delivered to COP 15. Culture|Futures will provide the global platform for communication and dialogue between the cultural actors. It will also encourage cooperation between leading cities on ways to develop comprehensive cultural actions as our world population becomes increasingly more and more urbanized. Finally, Culture|Futures will engender a collaboration between research centres and networks supporting the creation of an evidence base of best practice to support the work of cultural practitioners.


Launch Symposium & Reception
07.12.2009, 1:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen

The symposium participants will explore how the cultural sector can contribute to the profound cultural transformation that will ensure public support and demand for the unprecedented changes that are necessary if goals of low emission, resource efficiency, human development and sustainability shall be reached by the year 2050. By end of the symposium participants will understand the Culture|Futures basic proposition about creating an Ecological Age, know how Culture|Futures will positively influence the delivery of the proposition and will know what message will be presented to COP15.

Working seminar
People’s Climate Action & HK Hovedstaden, Copenhagen

At the working seminar cultural actors from many backgrounds and from around the world will address the strategic role of culture in delivering an Ecological Age. This will be explored through engaging with new ideas and concepts; sharing lessons learned, best practices and policies; and exploring visions for innovative collaborations, action research and development. By end of the seminar participants will have developed and crystallised the messages to communicate to COP15, the cultural sector and other stakeholders, will have made suggestions about how these messages will be conveyed and will have made recommendations about how Culture|Futures organises the spiral of engagement to achieve this.

Detailed Programme:

Culture|Futures is the brainchild of the Danish Cultural Institute and Arup, having been first presented at the Poznan COP 14 in December 2008. It is convened and coordinated by Mr. Olaf Gerlach-Hansen, Danish Cultural Institute in cooperation with all the collaborating organizations. International and national organizations involved in Culture|Futures include:

- The International Federation for Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA)
- European Union Network of Institutes of Culture (EUNIC)
- Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF)
- Arup
- Danish Cultural Institute
- British Council
- Goethe-Institut
- Italian Cultural Institute
- European Cultural Foundation
- Cultura21
- Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)(UK)
- Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP)(USA)


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