The Fountain House

Highlights of The Fountain House

Ephemeral Installation by raumlaborberlin
Esplanade Clark, St.Catherine St. (corner Clark)

The Fountain House, after almost nine weeks of welcoming an enthusiastic Montreal public, has now closed its doors. Aproximately 60,000 people visited during its 60 days in the heart of the Quartier des spectacle.

Over the course of this time, the public was able to watch the transformation of the façade from seed to lush green, in addition to participating in various artistic interventions, performances and conferences on art, ephemeral interventions and water.

The Goethe-Institut, initiator of the project, in collaboration with the Quartier des spectacles, was pleased to present the first-ever project in Canada of internationally recognized raumlaborberlin. Simultaneously an architectural and artistic work, The Fountain House was a place to gather, appreciate art and celebrate water.

Thanks to raumlaborberlin, in particular Markus Bader, Claire Mothais and Winnie Westerlund, our participating artists Ælab (Stéphane Claude, Gisèle Trudel), Magali Babin, Chantal Dumas, Cécile Martin, Chris Salter and Erin Sexton, and to all our partners, supporters and the public for contributing to the success of this project.

Projets artistiques présentés à la Maison fontaine 

Blue Gold
Sound Installation by Chantal Dumas
"This summer I did interviews on the site of The Fountain House. I asked pedestrians to spontaneously associate words with the concept of WATER."-Chantal Dumas 

Sie benötigen den Flashplayer , um dieses Video zu sehen Goute à Goutte - Chantal Dumas

Sie benötigen den Flashplayer , um dieses Video zu sehen

Elementary structures
A performance by Erin Sexton & Magali Babin
In this sound performance the artists played The Fountain House as a great instrument, inviting the public to listen, participate, and explore. Falling water, resonant wood, and electronic æther were sonified with microphones and electronics.

light, sweet, cold, dark, crude
Audiovisual performance by Ælab
light, sweet, cold, dark, crude (LSCDC) (2008-ongoing) is a cycle of audiovisual microevents presented in Canada, Germany and New Zealand. The performances merge several streams, including the moving image, drawing, light, text and immersive sound.

New Media Work by Chris Salter
The marble clocktower or horologion, the tower of the winds in the Roman Agora in Athens had multiple purposes in the ancient world: sundial, water clock, broadcaster and monitor of the winds. Horologion (2014) rethinks this architectural structure in terms of atmosphere and ambience. On very hour on the hour from October 2-26, 2014 an urban wind composed of city sound, light, mist and clouds will rush in, through and out of the structure of The Fountain House.

Time-lapse film of The Fountain House over a two month period; 9005 photos, one photo every 5 minutes! Thanks to La Société des Arts Technologiques and the Conseil régional de l’environnement for their super kind collaboration in making this time-lapse film possible.

A co-production of the Goethe-Institut Montreal and the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles.

The Fountain House has received support from the following organisations:

A collaboration with La Biennale de Montréal, Fountain House is part of the "Future Anterior" programme of BNLMTL 2014: L’avenir (looking forward).


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