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The Goethe-Institut brings the German language to the world. We offer German courses and German exams in over 90 countries.

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Too Much, Enough, and Next to Nothing

Transatlantic Magazine

Have you checked out GEGENÜBER, our new transatlantic online magazine? Gegenüber connects perspectives from across (German: gegenüber) the Atlantic, in Germany and North America. The first issue "Too much, enough and next to nothing" delves into the challenging narratives of growth and degrowth. Is a healthy balance between excess and scarcity possible in today’s world? Have a read!

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Experience culture

Priorities and Projects

Video & Literature

BookTube is a portemanteau of Book and YouTube and refers to book-related videos on the YouTube platform. Contemporary literature from our library, presented in an entertaining video format.

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Robot in Residence
Robots & Algorithms

In summer 2023, the Goethe-Institut Montreal hosted a NAO robot and, together with its local partners Milieux, Hexagram and Eastern Bloc, invited young scientists and artists to submit creative project proposals using the robot. 

Ritualizing Care © OpenAi/Dall-E © OpenAi/Dall-E

Snapshot: Los Angeles

Los Angeles and street art were made for one another. The second largest city in the United States is a sprawling metropolis that is well known for its cultural diversity and ties to the film industry.

Ausschnitt Los Angeles Mural by Tristan Eaton Artist: Tristan Eaton, Photo © Lord Jim Artist: Tristan Eaton, Photo ©Lord Jim


Digital library

The Onleihe is Goethe-Institut’s digital library (eLibrary). More than 23,000 German language eBooks, audio books, movies, materials for German language learners, magazines and newspapers are available for downloading from the Onleihe. 

Ehe woman listens to digital media from the Onleihe and walks past waiting people at the bus stop in the rain. Illustration: Maria Tran Larsen © Goethe-Institut

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