Who we are

The European Day of Languages was designated by the Council of Europe in 2001 during the celebration of the European Year of Languages and on the initiative of the European Union. It is designed to draw attention to the importance of language learning not only at school, but as life-long learning.

The event is also intended to stress the importance of all languages used for communication in Europe. There are over 200 European languages and many other languages which are used by citizens coming from other continents. This important heritage is a statement of our identity. Therefore people from the old continent celebrate this day in September by participating in numerous cultural events.

In Krakow, as in previous years, the learning, education and improvement of foreign language skills will be encouraged by the following cultural institutes: Representation of the European Commission, The British Council, The Goethe-Institut in Krakow, The Austrian Institute, The Cervantes Institute, The French Institute, and The Italian Cultural Institute. Welcome to the event!

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