Fortune Seekers

Fortune Seekers

Damian LemańskiPhotography Photo exhibition - young photographers on the trail of fortune seekers in Berlin, Warsaw and Mumbai

Link SymbolYoung Photographers from Berlin, Warsaw and Mumbai

What makes our cities today so attractive? Is it money, the freedom of anonymous spaces, is it the manifold attractions or the unlimited possibilities, the prospects of success which inevitably also carry the risk of failure?

Young photographers of the Ostkreuz School of Berlin along with colleagues from Warsaw, Lodz and Mumbai have tracked down biographies, places and stories which contemporize the search for fortune and also its failure in the three metropolitan cities. People in Mumbai, who in the early hours of the day, set forth in overcrowded commuter trains to their workplaces, gays and lesbians who find their little El-Dorado in Warsaw, failed livelihood of artists, “the underbelly” of Mumbai’s Bollywood dream factory, sad faces in colourful shopping malls in contrast with the traditional shopkeepers of the Praga quarter of Warsaw city, unsettling images of a desire for a “secured” life in the “Gated Communities” of Warsaw, a fitness centre for men who toughen themselves for the daily grind in the urban jungle of Mumbai…

Artistic guidance: Armin Smailovic, Werner Mahler

A production of the Goethe Institute Warsaw and Mumbai and the Ostkreuz School of Photography Berlin in collaboration with the Polish Institute in Berlin.


Piramal Gallery (NCPA)
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021
Opening: 8.10.2010, 6.30 pm

Discussion: 9.10.2010, 6.30 pm
with Armin Smailovic, Marla Stukenberg, Martin Wälde
and the photographers of the Fortune Seekers Rebecca Sampson, Pal Pillai und Dhiraj Singh.
Goethe Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Exhibition: 9-17.10.2010


Gallery in Willy-Brandt-Haus
Wilhelmstraße 140/Stresemannstraße 28


Centrum Działan Twórczych 1500 m2
ul. Solec 18

Vernissage 22.05.2010, 6pm
with DJ bshosa & dr dip (detroitZDRoJ)

Exhibition: 23.05-12.06.2010

Opening hours: daily from 1pm to 9pm, except on the 3, 6 and 9 June 2010
Also open during parties in the club.

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