Partners and Media partners about the project

Partners and Media Partners about the Project

 © The Promised City, photo: Martin Wälde

Great cities attract people who are confident and creative, who perceive city life as full of hope and promise for the realisation of their plans and dreams. For this reason, during the meetings and artistic exchanges under the common name “The Promised City”, Warsaw and Berlin will show themselves to the best advantage.

Warsaw has championed the project from its very beginning, that is from the time its conception was being developed by its initiators: the Polish Institute in Berlin and the Goethe Institute in Warsaw. In our decision to support the “Promised City “ project, we appreciated its structure, according to which institutions of culture, individual creators and curators, as well as authorities of both partner cities work in direct cooperation.

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, President of Warsaw

“The Promised City”, Berlin – Warsaw – Mumbai is an attempt to find out why people are drawn to cities. Answers to this question are provided by exhibitions of art and photography, theatrical events, film shows and discussion panels. Most of them are open to the wide public, but the program is ripe with small-scale events as well, for instance unconventional one- and two-day walks around Warsaw under the guidance of Boris Sieverts – certainly the way to rattle our conviction that we know our city perfectly, and the places we pass by daily even better.

Magdalena Zaliwska,

“The Promised City” is an artistic project with the impetus of an election campaign and the variety of a chocolate selection box. Cosmopolitan (Berlin – Warsaw – Mumbai, after all), interdisciplinary, its social involvement in keeping with the best traditions of the 1960’s art and counter-culture – this is globalisation in its most interesting guise. And the vital question: How to be happy in a city of today?

Karolina Sulej, Exklusiv

“The Promised City” project focuses on a topic which we, here in the Aktivist, find extremely valid: the issues of functioning in the city and functioning of the city, the real and imagined opportunities it creates for its inhabitants. The variety of cultural activities offered by “The Promised City” – from first-class electronic music, through visual art, both in gallery space and public space, to film documentary and street actions – covers almost the full spectrum of the Aktivist’s interests. What is more, we can’t wait to meet Boris Sieverts face to face!

Agata Michalak, editor-in-chief of the Aktivist magazine

We perceive “The Promised City” project as an element of the broader issue of forecasting and guiding transformations of city space, and of the performance of culture institutions within this space.

Grzegorz Borkowski, Obieg