Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

Nature + Technology = Relaxation – A magical place

“Crazy ideas”, car park, graveyard, “Manhattan” etc. were the starting point. But instead of a lake or national stadium, they decided on a complete forestation with attractive facilities for sports, games and relaxation in the shade of the trees.

Workshop participants: Roman Rutkowski, Andrej Barinka, Lenka Bakošová, Paulína Brichtová, Kristína Bogárová, Martin Majna, Jozef Spurný, Matej UhlíkMichalková, Andrea Príbytná

    Dossier: Urban Development in Germany and Latvia

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    Environmental, social and economic developments present urban planning with major challenges internationally.

    Dossier: Post-Industrial Cities and Culture in Germany and the Czech Republic

    Foto: Martin Popelar
    For decades, heavy industry and mining have shaped countries and people. Today, former industrial cities are in search of new identities.