Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

A space for freedom – a space for people

First of all the working group asked the question about the psychological effect of the public space, as well its (potential) users and their requirements. Other starting points were the context within the urban structure and the land use policy. It wasn’t a case of providing “solutions”, but of initiating a creative process with various workable models showing how viable they would be to construct as well as the consequences for the space and its surrounding area.

Workshop participants: Igor Marko, Timea Horváthová, Kristína Hrebíčková, Katarína Mackovičová, Katarína Maláriková, Michal Markusek, Katarína Michalková, Andrea Príbytná

    Dossier: Urban Development in Germany and Latvia

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    Environmental, social and economic developments present urban planning with major challenges internationally.

    Dossier: Post-Industrial Cities and Culture in Germany and the Czech Republic

    Foto: Martin Popelar
    For decades, heavy industry and mining have shaped countries and people. Today, former industrial cities are in search of new identities.