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German is the sound of global hedonism

There’s a bar in Tel Aviv called “Schlagsahne,” a Danish agency called “Geist,” a club in London called “Bodo’s Schloss,” and in New York you can stop for a bite to eat at “Die fette Sau” – it seems a number of German vocabulary words are making quite a career for themselves abroad. A closer look at an eloquent trend. More...
Jarosinski's avatar is modeled on Theodor Adorno. © Eric Jarosinski Nein Quarterly
First as Tragedy. Then as Farce. Then as Zeitgeist.
Entry denied: Writing Truth to Fiction. Oliver Raw © Goethe-Institut USA Ilija Trojanow
Writing Truth to Fiction
Uljana Wolf © Don Manfredo/wikipedia Uljana Wolf
An interview with the German author and poet

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    Two artists, two months, two cities – Berlin based artists Naomi Fearn and Marc Seestaedt set out to win the hearts of the City by the Bay and document their experience artistically.

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