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100 Years First World War
World War One, oft cited as the first modern war, broke out one hundred years ago. A leading French newspaper of the time spoke of a holy war pitting civil society against barbarians; a German newspaper claimed the war would prevent Russia from strangling Western European culture; Kaiser Wilhelm II swore to fight for Justice, Freedom, Honor and Morality. The British Prime Minister Asquith proclaimed that Great Britain fought to uphold principles important to the entire civilized world.

With contributions from American historian Adam Hochschild, who sheds light on both the historical dimensions and the depressing contemporaneity of this war, and a slideshow from Peter Eickmeyer’s graphic novel based on Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front, we commemorate one of the most consequential historical and political anniversaries of the 21st century. [Graphic © Oliver Raw] More...


    World War I
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    Erich Maria Remarques‘ classic “All Quiet on the Western Front“ turned Graphic Novel by Peter Eickmeyer

    Artists Peter Eickmeyer and Gaby von Borstel in person at the opening reception.

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