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Film | Neu - Partner

Me and Kaminski (Ich und Kaminski)

(c)The Match Factory GmbH
(c)The Match Factory GmbH
Opening Night:
Thursday, November 3, 7 pm

Germany, 2015, 124 min., German with English subtitles Director: Wolfgang Becker, With: Daniel Brühl, Jesper Christensen, Amira Casar, Geraldine Chaplin, Jördis Triebel, World Sales: The Match Factory

Sky Sitney (Co-director of the investigative film festival Double Exposure) will moderate a discussion with Screenwriter Thomas Wendrich following the screening. A reception will follow.

In this tragicomic road movie, unsuccessful young journalist Sebastian Zöllner (Daniel Brühl) is writing an article on the legendary but almost forgotten painter Manuel Kaminski. As Zöllner misuses the reclusive Kaminski under the guise of helping him reconnect with his lost love, Zöllner’s ulterior motive becomes obvious – the sooner Kaminski dies, the sooner he can cash in on the article and become famous. But misuse can be a two-way street – the elderly Kaminski doesn’t mind having someone pay his way to travel throughout Europe, thus escaping the control of his overbearing daughter Miriam. Based on world-renowned Austrian author Daniel Kehlmann’s novel of the same name, this art industry satire highlights the emptiness of blatant self-promotion while taking the audience on a true adventure.

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Wolfgang Becker (c) image

Wolfgang Becker
(b. 1954, Hemer) studied at the German Film & Television Academy. His internationally-popular film Good Bye, Lenin! was the most successful German film of 2003, received numerous European Film awards and was nominated for the Golden Globes.