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Film | Neu - Partner

A Heavy Heart (Herbert)

(c) Departures Film & deutschfilm
(c) Departures Film & deutschfilm
Friday, November 4, 8:30 pm

Germany, 2015, 109 min. Director: Thomas Stuber, Screenplay: Thomas Stuber/Clemens Meyer, With: Peter Kurth, Lina Wendel, Edin Hasanovic, Sales: Picture Tree International

  • German Film Award 2016
Former Eastern German boxing champ Herbert has not been a winner in life since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now a hard up bouncer and debt collector, he tries to revive the past by coaching his young boxing protégé, Eddy. After a training session, Herbert suddenly collapses with spasms of pain. Although he initially ignores the signs, when his physical deficiencies become more and more apparent, Herbert finally sees a specialist who ultimately diagnoses him with a fatal neural disease. With little time left, Herbert struggles with himself and the hard outer shell he‘s cultivated over time. Not many things really matter to him apart from his ‘lost’ daughter Sandra, whom he abandoned when the family fell apart. Now a mother herself, Sandra is still deeply hurt and afraid of allowing her dying father to be a part of her life again.

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Thomas Stuber(c)Departures Film & deutschfilm

Thomas Stuber
(b. 1981, Leipzig) is a recent winner of the Student Academy Award and the German Screenplay Award. Together with multiple award-winning writer Clemens Meyer, he co-wrote the screenplay for this touching story of a lone wolf who takes a long time to find the meaning of his life.