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Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

Film | Neu - Partner

New Short Films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Saturday, November 5, 2 pm

With an introduction by Joe Bilancio, Director of Programming for DC Shorts

The Bathtub (Die Badewanne)
Germany/Austria, 2016, drama/comedy, color, 13 min., German with English subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber, World Sales: KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e.V.
Three brothers are preparing an original present for their mother. But the idea to re-enact an old bathtub picture from their childhood is way too stupid for the oldest one. Little by little they bare all until three brothers remain who have grown apart over time.
  • Special Jury Award (38th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival)

Who Will Pay the Bill? (Wer trägt die Kosten?)
Germany, 2015, animation, color, 4 min., German with English subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Daniel Nocke, World Rights: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH
In this talk show satire moderated by a hyena, two lions, a vulture and a lonely zebra debate about justice in a society of eating and being eaten.

  • Short Tiger Award 2016
  • FBW-rating: “exceptionally valuable”

Dokument: Hoyerswerda| Frontex
Germany, 2014, documentary, color, 16 min., German with English subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Thomas Kaske, Sales: Thomas Kaske
Four contract workers from Mozambique report on racial attacks in Hoyerswerda in 1991. These previously unpublished records and drone footage from Frontex tell us what happened at that time - incidents which repeat themselves at Europe’s borders today. Could the stories the Mozambique contract workers tell also have taken place at the Greek-Turkish border in 2015?

  • Soirée Allemande screening (Clermont-Ferrand 2016)

Austria/USA/Iran, 2014, documentary, color, 9 min., with English subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Lisa Truttmann, Behrouz Rae, World Sales Rights: Lisa Truttmann, Behrouz Rae
Babash is a parrot. He lives in Los Angeles and speaks mostly Farsi because his keepers are an Iranian family, although he sometimes mixes snatches of English and Aserbaidschani into his conversations. Photographer Behrouz Rae made friends with Babash over the years. Babash is an associative portrait about this special relationship and the domestic surroundings in which it emerged.

  • The No Violence Award (Ann Arbor Film Festival 2015)

Tristes Déserts – A Robot’s Tale
Austria, 2015, science-fiction/drama, color, 8 min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Stephanie Winter, World Sales: sixpackfilm, World Sales Rights: Sixpack Films
Originating in the idea of an audiovisual realization of M.A. Charpentier's lyrical song "Tristes Déserts" and motivated by the constant interaction of image and sound, this baroque-intergalactic musical short film was developed in which the boundaries between human and machine, between baroque music and electronic sounds, become blurred. It’s a collaboration between artist Stephanie Winter, tenor August Schram and electronic duo Austrian Apparel.

  • Best National Music Video (VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 2015)

Austria, 2014, animation, color, 2 min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Anna Vasof, World Sales Rights: Not for sale, all rights are reserved by Anna Vasof
A video camera continuously follows and films a progression of dominoes falling, creating the illusion of the movement in an imaginary space. Domino is a video which combines the mechanism of a progression of dominoes falling with stop-motion animation technique and introduces a new animation technique, the “Non-stop stop motion”.

  • Best Austrian Animation (ASIFA AUSTRIA 2014)

Uncanny Valley
Austria, 2015, animation, color, 13 min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Paul Wenninger, World Sales Rights: Sixpack Films
In Uncanny Valley, we are immediately bombarded by the psychological and physical intensity of a battle fought between desperate soldiers during the First World War. Within the scope of a physiological apparatus looking in the direction of war, Uncanny Valley develops a dramaturgy of interrupted images - stuttering pictures that interrupt the narrative structure of a sequence of scenes.

  • Public Award and Best Austrian Animation (ASIFA AUSTRIA 2015)

Sparrows and Snorkels (Von Faltbooten und Heringen)
Switzerland, 2014, fiction, color, 15 min., German, English and French with German, English and French subtitles, Director/Screenplay: Elena Brotschi, World Rights: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
Ivan meets Paolo, little Jonas meets Ida, another Jonas meets Sandra and Annina meets Jonas – in July, at a campsite by the river.

  • Prix de la Ville de Vannes 2015

Switzerland, 2015, animation, color, 6min., without dialogue, Director/Screenplay: Rahel Gerber, World Sales: Interfilm Berlin Management GmbH
Dreams woven from airy fabrics make wishes tangible. Walter is a loner. Hanging up his laundry the resident sees how easily his shirt contacts his neighbor’s dress. Might he be closer than ever to his own happiness?

  • Berner Filmpreis 2015 Category Animation

Whatever the Weather (Bei Wind und Wetter)
Switzerland, 2016, animation, black & white, 11 min., German and French with English subtitles, English, Director/Screenplay: Remo Scherrer, World Sales: Interfilm Berlin Management GmbH
Wally’s life is increasingly turned upside down by her mother's alcohol addiction. Helplessness, excessive demands and desperation shape her childhood.

  • Official Selection Cinéfondation Cannes 2016

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Tim Ellrich (born in Osnabruck, Germany) is a young German filmmaker who is currently studying fiction directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. In his films, Ellrich tries to deal with the absurdities of the daily life.
Daniel Nocke (b. 1968 in Hamburg, Germany) studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg from 1994 to 1999. He lives in Hamburg, where he works as an author and animation artist.
Thomas Kaske (b. 1984 in East Brandenburg, Germany) studied cultural anthropology and film at the FU Berlin and received an M.F.A. in media art and design from Bauhaus University Weimar. He teaches visual and media anthropology at the FU Berlin, and is particularly interested in the use of archival footage and in rewriting and deconstructing history through media art.
Lisa Truttmann (b. 1983 in St. Poelten, Austria) is a film and media artist. She studied transmedia arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and is currently complete graduate studies in film and video at the California Institute of the Arts. Behrouz Rae (1979) is an Iranian photographer living with his parrot in Los Angeles. His work has enjoyed success at Sotheby’s auction house in London.
Stephanie Winter studied painting & post-conceptual art practices at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Berlin University of Arts. Her thesis project, the 12-piece installation “Paternoster”, won the prize of the Academy.
Anna Vasof (b. 1985) is an architect and media artist. She studied architecture at the University of Thessaly in Greece and Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2004, her videos and short films have been presented in several festivals and have won some prizes.
Paul Wenninger (b. 1966 in Vienna, Austria) is father of three daughters, a filmmaker with a focus on pixilation and animation, a freelance dancer and the author of choreographical works. He was part of international productions, having worked and lived from 1994-1998 in France.
Elena Brotschi (b. 1984, Grenchen, Switzerland) studied photography and film in Zurich. Sparrows and Snorkels is the final project for her undergraduate degree.
Rahel Gerber (b. 1977 in Switzerland) received her master’s degree in illustration and animation from Lucerne School of Art and Design. Flirt is her thesis project.
Remo Scherrer (b. 1986 in Mutschellen, Switzerland) received his bachelor’s degree in animation 2D and his master’s degree in film from Lucerne School of Art and Design.