Mr. Avantgarde Adrian Nabi

Adrian Nabi has been involved with hip-hop culture for about 20 years. On a walk through the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, Nabi presents the work of several street artists such as Influenza, Brad Downey and Darius Jones. He also introduces us to his magazine ‘Backjumps’ as well as the project ‘Backjumps: The Live Issue’. A report on an urban art movement that turns the walls into canvass and the city into a gallery.

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Autor: Neco Celik
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Adrian Nabi left home at 16 and took refuge with various chums from the hip-hop movement. Not himself blessed with spraying talent, he established himself as a behind-the-scenes ‘enabler’. He made contact with young, hip-hop inspired Afro-Americans stationed in Berlin, as well as with French artists, and soon began to manage rappers and graffiti ‘writers’ from home and abroad. Adrian Nabi is one of the most important experts in the field of street art. With "Backjump The Live Issue" he has opened up a new facet of street art. His exhibition on the movement, its idols and its more than thirty year history has displayed the enormous artistic potential to be found there.

Rainer Artist 6 Brendel, as the "sixes-painter" is known officially, leaves his mark on the city. With the omnipresence of his sign, he takes possession of the town. He’s been doing it for years, not only in Berlin, but in Paris, Brussels, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Kassel. Almost everyone in the city is familiar with his sixes - quickly applied to posters and old objects. He himself is seldom seen by anyone. That the many thousands of products of his nighttime activities could have anything to do with art is something that, admittedly, few of those who spot them every day ever think of.

Stéphane Bauer, since 2002 director of the Kunstraum and responsible for the program and organization. He studied sociology, worked with the Bundesverband für Studentische Kulturarbeit in Bonn, was a freelance employee of the Hochschule der Künste Berlin and after that, since July, 1990, has been manager of the Kunstamt Kreuzberg. Since 1994 he’s been curator of exhibitions at the Kunstamt Kreuzberg and the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V. in Berlin.

AKIM born in 1977 in Vietnam. Adopted by a German family at the age of 8. In 1990 he discovered graffiti as an outlet for his talents and has since participated in group exhibitions throughout Europe.
Goethe-Institut e. V. 2004

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