Lampenfieber – the band that’s a bit different

The band Lampenfieber (Stagefright) was founded in 1999 with the residents of the Johannes Busch House – a home for people who are mentally handicapped.

The film shows extracts from their rehearsals and their appearance at the Bielefeld Festival. The is where the qualification round was held for participation in the European Song Festival for People with a Mental Handicap.

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Authors: Michael Schulz, Matthias Grüner
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Ralf Franke and Marc Friese founded the integrated rock group Lampenfieber in 1999 with residents of the Johannes Busch House in Lüdenscheid. The two social workers see the Lampenfieber project as a new way in which people with or without a handicap can be brought into contact with each other. The cultural section of the Johanneswerk has the aim of taking the concepts of contemporary educational work for the handicapped and placing them in the context of a leisure activity. The group Lampenfieber, in which two musicians who are not handicapped and ten who are make up the band, is a good example of a successful integration project at the Johannes Busch House.

Many live concerts, competitions and compositions for the Theatre group Kit have caused a great interest among the media and the general public. Lampenfieber released their first CD on Jam:is Records for the 2002 Week of Culture. The album, Unterwegs, is a successful mix of folk and rock music. All of the songs have been written by the twelve member band. The band are planning to release their second CD for the year of the handicapped in 2003. Another aim that the band has is to take part in the European Song Festival for People with a Mental Handicap that will take place in 2003 in Germany for the first time. The is the high point of a year that the Council of the European Union has declared as the European Year for People with Disabilities.

The Evangelische Johanneswerk will be the organiser of the Bielefeld Music Festival for performing artists with a handicap in the autumn of 2003. The qualification round for the festival was also held in Bielefeld in March 2003. Assisted by a well trained staff the people in the home work on a day basis in local workshops or seek work on the open market.

An understanding of the special problems of handicapped people indicates a step in the direction of social integration. This is both furthered and promoted by a practice of openness on the part of the home and the creation of living space, work and social contact opportunities for the residents.
Goethe-Institut e. V. 2003
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