Background: German Literature and Book Market

Presentation of publishing house at Frankfurt Book Fair; © Frankfurter Buchmesse/Peter Hirth

Publishing in Germany: An Overview

Germany boasts a sophisticated and efficient publishing infrastructure that meets the needs of the entire reading public: people who read for pleasure, those with a thirst for knowledge, and academics.More ...
Reader at Frankfurt Book Fair; © Frankfurter Buchmesse/Peter Hirth

Continuity and Change: The Book Market in Germany

The eBook revolution has as yet failed to materialize and printed books are still thriving even in these difficult times. Nonetheless, there are signs of dramatic changes on the book market.More ...
Marbach Literature Archive; © Literaturarchiv Marbach

Morgenstern’s Axe and Brecht’s Love Letters: Literature Archives in Germany

German literature archives preserve the manuscripts of leading authors, as well as diaries, fan mail, publishing contracts, souvenirs and film documents.More ...

Antiheroes are Taking over the German Crime Thriller Scene

Be it women’s crime fiction, regional detective novels, political murder mysteries, historical crime novels, thrillers, or recently even a crime novel about wine: the crime literature scene in the German language is more diverse than ever before.More ...
Literary magazine Am Erker; © Daedalus Verlag

Moles in the Subsoil of the Book Market: German Literary Magazines

Literary magazines burrow often bring literary treasures to light. They live on self-exploitation, are sometimes short-lived and bizarre, and publish against the mainstream.More ...
Titelgrafik der Broschüre „Wer die Welt lesen will, muss sie verstehen. Wir arbeiten daran“ des Verbands deutschsprachiger Übersetzer; © Angélica Chio

Cultural Bridge Builders. Literature Translation in Germany

Around three quarters of all the books on German bestseller lists are the work of non-German authors. Readers often do not realize how much of their reading pleasure they owe to translators.More ...

Bücher, über die man spricht

New books on the German market

Call For Entries: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

For the 7th time, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival is inviting entries for the competition to find the best poetry films. To qualify for entry, films should be short films based on poems. Deadline: 25 April 2014

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