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Comic Festivals

Angoulême, Lucerne, Erlangen and Linz aren’t exactly European metropolises. But these cities are now integral parts of cultural life: the entire comic industry meets there on a regular basis.More ...

Comics in …

Paul Hoppe: Destinations

German Comic Artists Abroad

For many comic artists and illustrators, working abroad is a dream. Those who have succeeded in living abroad, would not want to have passed up the experience.More ...

Comic Scene

Filip Kolek © Isabelle DanielFilip Kolek © Isabelle Daniel

Pionierarbeit eines Comic-Lektors

Was auf dem deutschen Comicmarkt landet, entscheidet eine Handvoll Leute. Filip Kolek ist einer von ihnen. Mehr ...


    Mawil: Bycicle-Tour-Checklist, Der Tagesspiegel, July 2008 © Der Tagesspiegel

    German comics are back! Trends over the last twenty years

    Germany has been put back on the comic map. A new German comic avant-garde originated from a group of graphic artists from East Berlin.More ...

    Comics in the Baltic States

    © Thomas Wellmann
    In the Baltic states and in Germany the comic scene is presenting a great variety of styles. Who are the most exciting artists, what the best publications?

    The First World War in Comics

    Tardi/Verney „Elender Krieg“ 1914-1919 | © Edition Moderne 2014
    Comic artists approach the history of the First World War in their works. A dossier on history in pictures


    Which trends are shaping the comic scenes of Indonesia and Germany? Exhibitions, festivals and workshops connect comic artists.


    Comic-Autoren aus Europa und der arabischen Welt im Dialog

    Graphic Novels at School invites you to learn German with comic-strip artists Mawil and Birgit Weyhe.

    Dossier: Comic Countries Germany and Belgium

    Goethe-Institut Belgien
    The German and Belgian comic scene

    Dossier: Comics in Germany – Comics in the Czech Republic

    In the wake of the 1989 political turning point the comic scenes in both Germany and the Czech Republic are tanking up with new self-confidence.

    Weblog: CityTales

    Comic artists from South-East Asia and Germany tell their “CityTales” – a new story every month.