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Kleist in Vietnam

Reinhard Kleist, one of the most famous comic-artists in Germany, will live and work in Hanoi as “artist in residence” in May.More ...



Comic Festivals

Angoulême, Lucerne, Erlangen and Linz aren’t exactly European metropolises. But these cities are now integral parts of cultural life: the entire comic industry meets there on a regular basis.More ...

Comics in …

Paul Hoppe: Destinations

German Comic Artists Abroad

For many comic artists and illustrators, working abroad is a dream. Those who have succeeded in living abroad, would not want to have passed up the experience.More ...

Comic Scene

Filip Kolek © Isabelle DanielFilip Kolek © Isabelle Daniel

Pionierarbeit eines Comic-Lektors

Was auf dem deutschen Comicmarkt landet, entscheidet eine Handvoll Leute. Filip Kolek ist einer von ihnen. Mehr ...


    Mawil: Bycicle-Tour-Checklist, Der Tagesspiegel, July 2008 © Der Tagesspiegel

    German comics are back! Trends over the last twenty years

    Germany has been put back on the comic map. A new German comic avant-garde originated from a group of graphic artists from East Berlin.More ...

    Comics in the Baltic States

    © Thomas Wellmann
    In the Baltic states and in Germany the comic scene is presenting a great variety of styles. Who are the most exciting artists, what the best publications?

    The First World War in Comics

    Tardi/Verney „Elender Krieg“ 1914-1919 | © Edition Moderne 2014
    Comic artists approach the history of the First World War in their works. A dossier on history in pictures


    Which trends are shaping the comic scenes of Indonesia and Germany? Exhibitions, festivals and workshops connect comic artists.


    Comic-Autoren aus Europa und der arabischen Welt im Dialog

    Graphic Novels at School invites you to learn German with comic-strip artists Mawil and Birgit Weyhe.

    Dossier: Comic Countries Germany and Belgium

    Goethe-Institut Belgien
    The German and Belgian comic scene

    Dossier: Comics in Germany – Comics in the Czech Republic

    In the wake of the 1989 political turning point the comic scenes in both Germany and the Czech Republic are tanking up with new self-confidence.

    Weblog: CityTales

    Comic artists from South-East Asia and Germany tell their “CityTales” – a new story every month.