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GoetheCatalogue view  © Goethe-InstitutThe exhibition “Comics, Manga & Co. – Germany’s New Comic Culture” introduces two generations of comic artists who have influenced German comic culture in very different ways.

The exhibition’s concept was developed by Matthias Schneider, a Berlin curator and comic expert.

The exhibition consists of 55 plexiglas picture frames with facsimiles of graphics and drawings as well as additional information on the artists. Works by Arne Bellstorf (Baby’s in black – The story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe), Martin tom Dieck Der unschuldige Passagier – i.e. the innocent passenger), Sascha Hommer (Vier Augen – i.e. four eyes), Line Hoven (Liebe schaut weg – i.e. love looks the other way), Mawil (Action Sorgenkind – the title references a German campaign to help handicapped children), Anke Feuchtenberger (Die Hure H zieht ihre Bahnen), Flix (Faust), Jens Harder (Alpha – Directions), Reinhard Kleist (Cash – I see a darkness), Isabel Kreitz (Die Sache mit Sorge – i.e. the thing about sorge), Christina Plaka (Yonen Buzz), Henning Wagenbreth (Cry for help) und Ulf K.(Sternennächte – i.e. starry nights) will be shown.

Exhibition view © Goethe-InstitutThe Goethe-Institut is seeking to further develop and strengthen its Comics area. In addition to its website, which can now be accessed in nine languages, the Goethe-Institut regularly invites comic artists, exhibits comic art and offers workshops and lectures.

An 88-page, full-colour catalogue on the exhibition has been issued.
10 euros for publishers, 15 euros for private persons
ISBN 978-3-939670-38-4
Contact: Anita Eylmann

July 2010
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