Born on 24th February 1926 in Mittweida

Attends secondary school in Mittweida


Takes part in the ‘Werewolf’ insurgency at the end of World War II (a Nazi plan for a partisan resistance force against the occupying forces as the regime came to an end)

1947 - 1950

Works as a journalist with the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper. Works after 1950 as a freelance writer, also writing under the pseudonyms Hans Walldorf, Bernd Diksen and Waldemar Naß. Studies at the Johannes R. Becher Literature Institute in Leipzig in the mid 1950s.



Imprisoned due to alleged collaboration for anti-revolutionary activity in connection with discussions about destalinisation and is sentenced to seven and a half years in the Bautzen II prison. Receives a strict writing ban.


Released from prison and resumes work as a writer. Publishes a series of novels and narratives in the German Democratic Republic


Renewed conflict with the GDR government when he joins forces with other authors against censorship. Becomes a victim of Stasi observation and is prevented from travelling to West Germany


Lives in Bonn-Bad Godesberg


Founds the Linden publishing house in Künzelsau with his son and daughter-in-law, which predominantly publishes Loest’s own works. The publishing house has been based in Leipzig since 1989



Second home in Leipzig


1994 - 1997

Chairman of the Verbandes Deutscher Schriftsteller (Association of German Authors)


Lives in Leipzig. Member of the Academy of the Arts in Sachsen

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