Renate Welsh

Renate Welsh was born in Vienna in 1937. In 1955 she began studying English and Spanish at the University of Vienna along with studies in public affairs. After two years she left the university and began working as a translator at the British Council in Vienna.
Wiith her first book, "Der Ekel des Löwenjägers", published in 1969, she made the list of honourable mentions for the Austrian State Prize. She has devoted herself to her writing on a full-time basis since 1975. She has written many books for children and teens, including the popular title "Vamperl" (1979). Renate Welsh has received numerous awards, including the Österreichischer Würdigungspreis in 1995 and the Grand Prize of the German Academy for Literature for Children and Young Adults in 2003 for her complete works.
Today Renate Welsh lives in Vienna.

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