2009 Gut Siggen

Aristidh Ristani, Albania

Foto: Andreas Schmohl

Born in 1938 in Gjirokastra, Albania, Aristidh Ristani studied German language and literature at the University of Leipzig. Pressured by the Communist regime to break off his studies allegedly owing to the risk of his attempting to escape, he subsequently taught school in an Albanian village. After resuming his studies at the University of Tirana, he took his degree with honours in Albanian studies and classical philology. He became chief reader of the world literature department at the main Albanian publishing house and taught Latin at the University of Tirana. Owing to differences with the party secretary at the publisher’s, he was forcibly re-educated to work with concrete in tunnel building. After that he worked as a journalist for the Albanian press agency. For several years now Ristani has devoted himself entirely to freelance translations. The focus of his work is on Elias Canetti, whose chief works he translated into Albanian between 2003 and 2007.

Aristidh Ristani is working at Gut Siggen this year on a translation of Das Glasperlenspiel (“The Glass Bead Game”) by Hermann Hesse.

2009 Dresden-Hellerau

Tali Konas, Israel

Born in 1974 in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Tali Konas studied French Literature and Literary Criticism at the University of Tel Aviv. She works as a freelance editor and translator from German for various Israeli publishers. Among others, she translated a selection from Victor Klemperer’s diaries, an anthology of short stories by Ingeborg Bachmann and W.G. Sebald’s “The Rings of Saturn”.

Tali Konas worked at Dresden-Hellerau on a translation of Heimsuchung (“Visitation”) by Jenny Erpenbeck.

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