2010 Gut Siggen

Bice Rinaldi, Italy

Born in 1967 in San Giorgio del Sannio, Italy. Bice Rinaldi studied German language and literature, English language and literature, Italian language and literature and linguistics at the Federico II University in Naples. Starting in 2001, she has been translating German-language literature, including works by Zoë Jenny, Stephan Valentin and Emine Sevgi Özdamar as well as children’s literature by Jutta Richter und Ole Könnecke. Bice Rinaldi was awarded the 2010 award for German-Italian translation for her translation of Markus Werner’s debut novel Zündels Abgang (i.e. Zündel’s departure). She is a free-lance translator and lives in Naples.

Bice Rinaldi worked on her translation of Kristof Magnusson’s Das war nicht ich (i.e. it wasn’t me) at Gut Siggen.

2010 Dresden Hellerau

José Aníbal Campos González, Spain

Born 1965 in Havanna, Cuba. José Aníbal Campos González studied German language and literature in the University of Havanna’s Department of Foreign Languages, where he also worked as a translation instructor following his graduation. He has been a free-lance translator and author since 1998 and has done translations for the cultural magazine Humboldt for more than ten years. Today, Campos lives and works in Spain, where he translates German-language literature for a number of Spanish publishing houses. Among the authors he has translated are Uwe Timm, Peter Stamm, Stefan Zweig, Martin Mosebach and Pascal Mercier.

José Aníbal Campos González worked in Dresden-Hellerau on his translation of Terror und Traum. Moskau 1937 (i.e. terror and dream, Moscow 1937) by Karl Schlögel.

2010 Gut Siggen

Michael Hofmann, Great Britain

Born in 1957 in Freiburg. Michael Hofmann is the son of author Gert Hofmann, who moved to Bristol with his family in 1961, and later to Edinburgh, as a foreign language assistant for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). After a degree at Cambridge, Michael Hofmann has lived and worked as a freelance author and translator in London since 1983. He has been a professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville (USA) since 2009, where he has been teaching for one semester a year since 1993. He writes articles and discussions for many magazines in English-speaking countries. As a translator with German as a source language, he is particularly devoted to the work of Joseph Roth, but also of Wolfgang Koeppen, Franz Kafka, Durs Grünbein, Peter Stamm and many others. Michael Hofmann has received many awards, including the Schlegel-Tieck Prize, the Helen und Kurt Wolff Translators’ Prize and the Spycher Literature Prize Leuk.

Michael Hofmann is working on the translation of “Berlin Alexanderplatz” by Alfred Döblin.

2010 Dresden-Hellerau

Aimée Delblanc, Sweden

Born in 1944 in Stockholm. Aimée Delblanc read German Studies, General and Comparative Literature Studies as well as German as a foreign language at university in Uppsala, Berlin und Bielefeld. After that she taught Swedish language and literature. In the 1990s she made a name for herself with her first literary translations from the German. Since then Elfriede Jelinek, Bernhard Schlink, Petra Hammesfahr and Lukas Bärfuss have all found their voice in Swedish through Aimée Delblanc. From 2003 to 2009 she was a member of the administrative committee of the Swedish Authors’ Society. She also deals with the occupation of translating from the theoretical side and is committed to bringing on the next generation, through talks, publications, as well as in her job as lecturer at the University of Södertörn (Stockholm).

Aimée Delblanc is working on the translation of “Der Turm” (The Tower) by Uwe Tellkamp in Dresden-Hellerau.

2010 Dresden-Hellerau

Roman Eiwadis, Russia

Born in 1956 in St. Petersburg. Roman Eiwadis read German Studies at the State Russian Herzen Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg and at the Maurice Thorez Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages. He has been working as a freelance translator both from German into Russian and from Russian into German since 1991. The authors he has translated include Hermann Hesse, Gudrun Pausewang, Jurek Becker and Patrick Süskind. Roman Eiwadis is a member of the St. Petersburg Authors’ Society and teaches German at the Institute of Foreign Languages there.

Roman Eiwadis is working on the translation of “Selbs Justiz” (Self’s Punishment) by Bernhard Schlink in Dresden-Hellerau.

2010 Dresden-Hellerau

Jana Zoubková, Czech Republic

Born in 1951 in Brno. Jana Zoubková read Art Studies and German at the Charles University in Prague. After several posts as proof-reader for publishing houses in Prague, she has worked as a freelance translator with German as a source language since 1996. Her published translations, of which there are around 55, include works by authors such as Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Thomas Brussig, Lenka Reinerová, Ingo Schulze, Juli Zeh, Wladimir Kaminer, Sven Regener and Libuše Moníková. Jana Zoubková has had articles on contemporary German literature published in Czech magazines. She regularly co-operates with the Goethe-Institut Prague, the Franz Kafka Society and the Austrian Culture Forum, as well as the “Svět knihy” book fair.

Jana Zoubková is working on the translation of “Land der Väter und Verräter” (Land of the Fathers and Traitors) by Maxim Biller in Dresden-Hellerau.

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