Diversity in Children’s Books – Heroes from Immigrant Backgrounds Wanted

    Little literature lovers; © Christopher Futcher/iStock
    When it comes to the way modern German society is depicted, children's literature in Germany still has some catching up to do.

    The city as an engine of tolerance

    Karachi, Foto: Tentative Collective
    Major cities are cultural contact zones and transit spaces, places of uncertainty and the foreign. The dynamism of change arising from this constitutes the essence of urbanity and is what lends metropolises their stability and attractiveness in the first place.

    Enriching Culture – Refugees Open Doors, a Long Way from Home

    The Munich-based “Kino Asyl” project; © Max Kratzer
    They establish magazines, make films and organize festivals: many refugees make an active contribution to the cultural scene in Germany.

    Creative Artists on the Run: Life without a plan

    Assaf Alassaf with Barbara Burckhardt; photo: Barbara Burckhardt
    AAt the beginning of 2016 the Syrian writer Assaf Alassaf received the “White Sea Grant” for threatened writers and artists from the Mediterranean region. An interview.


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