Books: The bus that helped me discover the world

    The interior of a Book Bus | Photo (detail): © readymedia.com
    Nothing has made a bigger difference in writer Hatice Akyün’s life than the Duisburg Book Bus. Now she has met its inventor.

    Islamic Theology – A Bridge to Muslim Life

    The degree course in Islamic theology enables a historically critical reading of the Qur’an; © Fotolia/quickshooting
    Five German universities have been offering degrees in Islamic theology since 2010. How successful are these courses, and how much influence do the universities have? Taking stock of the situation so far.

    Swing to the right in politics – “The end of a common Europe”

    Right or left? Extreme positions at the expense of the established parties; © Fotolia/Coloures-pic
    What happens when the right-wing populists in the European Union become even stronger? Alexander Häusler, a social scientist at the University of Düsseldorf who studies extremism, talks about the reasons for the drift to the right, its consequences and possible counter-strategies against it.

    Diversity in Children’s Books – Heroes from Immigrant Backgrounds Wanted

    Little literature lovers; © Christopher Futcher/iStock
    When it comes to the way modern German society is depicted, children's literature in Germany still has some catching up to do.


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