Brexit and academia – German-British nervousness

    “Our networks are strong and will continue to exist” | Photo (Detail): © pressmaster/fotolia
    The British referendum on whether or not to leave the EU has left the academic world in a state of uncertainty. Are collaborative research and the freedom to travel now at risk?

    “I’m not a Nazi, but ...” – Plays on the swing to the right

    Hans-Werner Kroesinger and Regine Dura: “Stolpersteine Staatstheater“ (i.e. City Theatre Stumbling Stones) at the Karlsruhe Staatstheater | Photo: Rob Moonen
    The German theatre has responded to the swing to the right in society. It has thereby proceeded to treat the subject in different ways aesthetically and thematically. Some plays have addressed directly the xenophobic Pergida movement and the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD). Others point up historical parallels and analyse right-wing patterns of thought worldwide.

    Laboratory – Borderline Experiences

    Publicist Gaisha Madanova, Astrid Wege from the Goethe-Institut Moscow, curator Ellen Kapanadze, artist Anton Karmanov, artist Saule Dyussenbina, exhibition curator Inke Arns. | Photo: Lea Albring
    In Dortmund, artists from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia are preparing a travelling exhibition called “Die Grenze” (The Border). They were invited by the Goethe-Institut to explore the theme of borders; borders as territorial perimeters and exclusions, as cultural and social dividing lines, as instruments for differentiating “us” from “them.”

    Theatre projects of refugee artists – Away from suffering porn

    “Während ich wartete” (i.e. While I Was Waiting) by Mohammed Al Attar, guest performance at the Theaterformen Festival in Brunswick | Didier Nadeau
    On the German stage refugees are still often the authentic narrators of their fate, directed by established German directors. How can they become their own authors and raise their own, independent artistic voices?


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