Foreign Cuisines – “Taste is as versatile as identity”

    Eating is a sensitive experience | Photo (detail): © SolisImages - Fotolia.com
    Pizza, cappuccino, doner kebab – it is hard to imagine Germany these days without any foreign cuisines. Maren Möhring, a cultural historian, tells us whether food can bridge the gap between different cultures.

    Beauty Salon and Meeting Place

    The Grand Beauty Salon | 2016 | © primate visions
    It’s a delicate matter – placing one’s looks in the hands of a stranger, all the more so if this person comes from another part of the world. With her cosmopolitan art studio for beauty, artist Frauke Frech has created a platform for meetings between cultures.

    Figures of speech – How words influence our thinking

    The linguist Elisabeth Wehling | Photo (detail): © Elisabeth Wehling
    Does whether we talk about “refugees” or “people who have fled their homes” alter the discourse? The linguist Elisabeth Wehling studies how words and phrasing shape our thinking. She is engaged in research at the University of California, Berkeley, on the significance of language in political debates.

    “Tell Me Your Story” – A project of the Goethe-Institut Istanbul in cooperation with young Syrian refugees

    © Goethe-Institut Istanbul
    With story-telling techniques, with photography and in interviews, young Syrian refugees tell stories of their time before, during and after the escape from Syria to Turkey. These stories often show evidence of an absurd reality of life, between fragile normality and banal brutality.


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