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Welcome – Learning German for refugees

Beginning now, refugees who want to learn German in Germany fast and for free can find here a variety of language learning opportunities offered by the Goethe-Institut: goethe.de/willkommen

Pre-integrative language training

Since August 2007, spouses have only been allowed to move to Germany if they can demonstrate basic knowledge of the German language. The Goethe-Institut is creating internationally fair conditions for the language certificate.

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Transition Management

The transition from a language course in the home country to an integration course in Germany does not always run smoothly. This has prompted the Goethe-Institut to focus more closely on the issue of “transition management”.

Integration courses

The integration courses introduced in 2005 aim to improve and facilitate the linguistic integration of immigrants in Germany.

Framework Curriculum for Integration Courses

In autumn 2006, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) commissioned the development of a framework curriculum for the integration courses and a tiered language examination for immigrants (A2–B1).

German test for immigrants

On 1 July 2009, a new German examination was introduced to complete the integration courses in Germany, the ‘Deutschtest für Zuwanderer’.

Teaching qualifications

Specialist, professionally trained teaching staff are required for successful lessons in German as a Second Language. The Goethe-Institut offers specific teacher training for German as a Second Language.

Training courses for imams

"Imams for Integration" - further education in German language and cultural studies for Imams working in Germany

Jenny Erpenbeck‘s novel about refugees – privilege and responsibility

Author Jenny Erpenbeck; © Katharina Behling
No other novel of 2015 has taken up the issue of migration in a more focused and nuanced way and with more narrative force than has Jenny Erpenbeck’s “Gehen, ging, gegangen”. More ...
    Further Reading
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    An app makes possible a first entry into learning German. | © LoloStock - Fotolia.com

    Education and Language

    “An app can’t replace a regular language course.” – An interview with Heike Uhlig

    Do smartphones and apps suffice to learn German? Heike Uhlig, Head of the Department for Language of the Goethe-Institut, on the scope and limits of digital services. More ...
      Avicenna fellows; © Valentin Paster

      Education and Language

      Studienwerk Avicenna – cosmopolitan and female

      Avicenna is the first state-sponsored Muslim scholarship organisation in Germany. It supports gifted and socially-committed students of all disciplines. More ...
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        Hend from Syria and the German helper Heike have become friends | © Andrea Marshall

        Stories of Migration

        Moments of Pure joy – Voluntary Helpers Working with Refugees

        By the end of 2015 Germany will have taken in almost a million refugees. Most of the people helping in the reception centres are working there on an unpaid, voluntary basis. How does it work when two different cultures come together? More ...
          Online-based course formats provide flexibility | Photo (detail): © vadymvdrobot - Fotolia.com

          Education and Language

          Studying without papers – Kiron University for Refugees

          Without the required documents and knowledge of German, refugees have no access to German universities. Kiron University in Berlin provides immigrants with training without bureaucratic hurdles. More ...
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            Esther and Sock | © Nachtmann & Silies GbR / WDR 2015

            Education and Language

            German with Sock – When puppets talk

            How can children learn German with hand-made sock puppets and tablets? The creators of “Deutsch mit Socke” (German with Sock) show how easy it is. More ...
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              A knowledge of a language is often a requirement for the job. | © Photographee.eu – Fotolia.com

              Education and Language

              Job Application – Classifying Knowledge of German on a CV

              Some say that they are “professionally competent” as soon as they are able to order a coffee in German. Others state that their German is C2 without any further explanation. Language skills, of course, have to be mentioned whenever people apply for a job, but what is the correct way to describe them? More ...
                The Syrian refugee, Bassem, in the marketplace of a small town in the state of Saxony. | Photo (detail): © Sammy Khamis

                Stories of Migration

                Lifesavers in Their Pockets – Smartphones as Refugee Helpers

                Smartphones have changed the way people flee. They have maps to show the refugees where the border crossings are, Facebook provides them with weather reports and, if necessary, a human trafficker is just a Whatsapp message away. More ...
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                Annette Treibel; © Campus-Verlag

                Integration Debate

                Germany and Immigration – “Integration courses for all”

                The sociologist Annette Treibel, author of the book “Integriert Euch!” (i.e. Integrate Yourselves!), believes that Germans and immigrants are equally responsible for ensuring that they live together in harmony. More ...
                  Refugees demonstrate in the Oranienplatz in Berlin; ©Leif Hinrichsen

                  Migration politics

                  Refugees – No choice, but a voice

                  Refugees in Germany have founded numerous organizations through which they struggle to achieve recognition of their rights. Their activities are invariably based on the call for more independence through networking. More ...
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