German Muslims – Caught between Integration and Exclusion

    Many people with Turkish backgrounds live in Duisburg-Marxloh. | Photo (detail): © Ulrich Baumgarten/picture-alliance/dpa
    Most Muslims in Germany are well integrated and identify closely with the country. Yet some of the public continue to view them with mistrust, in part because of underprivileged urban areas like Duisburg-Marxloh.

    Solid Integration - Rapid Transit for Architects in Berlin (Architektenfahrplan Berlin)

    Rapid Transit for Architects, launch in the Berlin Chamber of Architects on November 22, 2017; Photo: Bernhard Ludewig © Goethe-Institut
    Information is essential if one wishes to resume one’s career or continue one’s studies in a foreign place and language. The “Architektenfahrplan Berlin” is a compilation of all important contact points for newly-arrived architects.

    Brits in Germany – The Aftermath of Brexit

    Daniel Raisen lives in Stuttgart and has worked as a translator in Germany since 2008. | Photo (detail): © Daniel Raisen
    More than 100,000 Brits have built lives in Germany, and all have been affected by their homeland’s determination to leave the European Union. We asked them what they think about Brexit and how they are handling the situation.

    Let’s ask a few more questions – This is the way we see migration, racism and feminism

    Photo (excerpt): © Technocandy
    Is everyday racism becoming more and more socially acceptable in Germany? This is a presentation of six artists who, in their novels, videos, theatre plays, music and installations, take a clear position on the issues in the most absurd, astute and badass ways.

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