An interview with Firas Alshater – “It's not my dream job, however, to be a refugee”

    Firas Alshater | Photo (detail) © Jim Naughton
    “Who are these Germans?” This is the question Firas Alshater asks on his Youtube channel called Zukar. Check out this interview with the Syrian filmmaker who lives in Berlin and find out his views on acceptance, on what a home country and humour means to him.

    Refugee music: Music as an opportunity for exchange

    Music creates home, a workshop day of the Bayerische Philharmonie | Photo (detail): © Monica Garduño Soto
    Streams of migration are a challenge. On the move along with individual people are whole cultures, languages and habits that are sometimes not understood outside their homelands. Music, as a non-verbal phenomenon bound up with strong feelings, could operate as a medium for bridging the consequent perplexity.

    The German Emigration Centre: People between Dreams and Uncertainty

    The German Emigration Databank (Bremerhaven) | Photo (detail): © Deutsches Auswandererhaus/Kay Riechers
    At the German Emigration Centre visitors get an idea of what flight and emigration mean for the individual. Furthermore, the museum in Bremerhaven makes emphatically clear that many Germans were forced to leave their homes.

    Foreign Students – “Preparing for the Special Features of the German Educational System”

    Rachel Muchira from Kenya is doing a Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig. | © Rachel Muchira
    Too many foreign students still break off their studies. Gebhard Reul of the German Academic Exchange Service explains what German universities can do to foster integration.


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