Creative Artists on the Run: Life without a plan

    Assaf Alassaf with Barbara Burckhardt; photo: Barbara Burckhardt
    AAt the beginning of 2016 the Syrian writer Assaf Alassaf received the “White Sea Grant” for threatened writers and artists from the Mediterranean region. An interview.

    Theatre and Refugees: Awakening silent knowledge

    Ahmet Öğüt, founder of the Silent University, at Impulse Festival 2015; photo: Robin Junicke
    No cultural institution has currently engaged itself in helping refugees as intensely as has the German theatre. Alone the online portal nachtkritik.de compiled at the end of 2015 a list of some 80 initiatives. Yet refugees still appear only rarely as independent agents. The Silent University wants to change this.

    Overcoming Trauma Through Books – Repairing Psychological Damage

    Picture from “Das Kind und seine Befreiung vom Schatten der großen, großen Angst”; © Trauma-Bilderbuch/Susanne Stein
    Refugee children have often experienced terrible things. A specially designed trauma picture book helps children and parents to better come to terms with their experiences.

    Enriching Culture – Refugees Open Doors, a Long Way from Home

    The Munich-based “Kino Asyl” project; © Max Kratzer
    They establish magazines, make films and organize festivals: many refugees make an active contribution to the cultural scene in Germany.


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