Labour migration – New start with hurdles

    In the workshop | Photo: © fotolia/auremar
    Many young people from southern Europe have started training in Germany – also with German funding. What has become of the “new labour immigrants”?

    Better marks without a headscarf – Discrimination in schools

    Not everyone is equal: children of migrant origin often experience discrimination at school. | Photo (detail): © Gorilla/Fotolia
    All children are supposed to have equal educational opportunities – that sounds good in theory. In reality, however, many pupils of migrant origin experience discrimination. A number of initiatives in Berlin are committed to changing this.

    Ideas on Integration – Refugees at German Schools

    Migration researcher Aladin El-Mafaalani | Photo (detail): © creativecommons.org
    Many schools in Germany are still struggling with the task of integrating refugees. In our interview, migration researcher Aladin El-Mafaalani explains why this is, and what could be improved.

    Collecting Europe – On the streets, the confidence is fading

    Jasleen Kaur and eleven other international artists imagined what Europe might look like 2,000 years from now. | Photo: Jenny Lewis
    London war immer eine weltoffene Stadt. Heute schotten mehr und mehr Briten sich ab. Von einem grenzenlosen Europa und Vielfalt wird fast nur noch im Museum geträumt.


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