The future of Europe – “We must not lose our democratic framework”

    Quo vadis European Union? Brussels often appears very far away to many people. | Photo (detail): © Fotolia
    Europe needs to reinvent itself, says Jana Puglierin, programme director at the Alfred von Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies. In our interview, she talks about how loud Germany’s voice in Europe should be and whether Brexit could result in the demise of the EU.

    Alternative education concepts – Laboratories for the school of the future

    Alternative school concepts are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. | Photo (detail): © Fotolia
    They upend conventional education concepts. Laboratory schools, Free Alternative Schools and other innovative approaches ensure that students in German schools enjoy more freedom. They would also appear to offer great potential for integrating students with a migration background.

    “Einfach Lesen!” – Arrival in Arabic and German

    The German-Arabic children’s book series “Einfach lesen!” accompanies kids as they become accustomed to their new surroundings. | Photo: Jasmin Zikry
    Friendly trams and wandering frogs: the Goethe-Institut is using children’s books in German and Arabic to make it easier for young refugees and their parents to come into contact with the foreign language and a foreign country. A visit to a refugee shelter in Berlin shows how well the “Einfach lesen!” project is being received.

    Young international researchers – Many roads lead to the PhD

    Carrying on research next door to Nobel laureates – this is possible at several institutions in Germany. For young international scientists, Germany is also an attractive research location because of its good infrastructure and excellent academic supervision.


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