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Responsibilities of the Goethe-Institut

Stand at Frankfurter Buchmesse Photo: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca
The Goethe-Institut promotes international dialogue and cultural cooperation in the field of literature. Within our global networking activities we create opportunities for mutual exchange through readings, workshops and residencies. An important instrument in this context is the worldwide promotion of translation.

The Literature and Translation Funding division at the Goethe-Institut's Munich head office advises the institutes abroad on, among other things, the German-language literary scene and formats of literature promotion. It also establishes contacts with partner institutions, thereby creating the basis for international cooperation in the field of literature.

At the forefront of the division's work are also advanced training of colleagues, quality assurance of the worldwide programme, expansion and maintenance of the partner network, coordination of transnational projects and the organisation of book fair presentations. In addition, the division is committed to strengthening local scenes in the form of continuing professional development for publishers and translators and offers further measures to develop book market structures and cultural networks.

In terms of content, the division is supported by an advisory board made up of key figures from the German-language literary world.
A dancer performing a leap © Pexels/Yogendra Singh

Arts Funding

The Goethe-Institut promotes culture and the arts in every discipline. We provide funding to enable professional as well as newcomer and amateur artists, whether in groups or individually, to carry out projects in Germany or abroad. In addition to grants for projects and translations, we award scholarships, prizes and fellowships. The funding criteria, application periods and types of funding vary according to the terms of the call for proposals.


Claudia Amthor-Croft
Literature and Translation Funding
Head of Department
Tel. +49 89 15921 287

Andreas Schmohl
Translation Grant Programme
Tel. +49 89 15921-852

Dr. Anne-Bitt Gerecke
Tel. +49 30 25906-543

Please contact the heads of the libraries of the Goethe-Instituts abroad with all questions concerning applications submitted for translation grants.

Please take note that we are not a publishing house. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be sent back.