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Welcome – learning German for Refugees

Refugees seeking assistance in learning the German language and who want to practice German free of charge will find a variety of language learning opportunities from the Goethe Institute here: Self-learning courses, speaking exercises, videos and information on dealing with authorities, in everyday life or in finding a job. All offers work on smartphones and tablets. An interactive vocabulary training in 16 languages, which ​​can be used without any prior knowledge; many offers are helpful as an adjunct to classroom courses.

Apps for learning German

App Ankommen

Ankommen App (Arrival app)

  • German self-learning course
  • Guides through the asylum procedure, information about work and training, life in Germany
  • Level: from A1
  • in German, English, French, Arabic and Farsi

Deutschtrainer A1 © Goethe-Institut

Deutschtrainer A1 (German trainer A1)

  • practice materials for vocabulary and structures for beginners
  • ten chapters with short audio dialogues on themes from everyday life
  • Level: A1
  • in German

Lern Deutsch

The City of Words

  • Vocabulary App for playfully learning German
  • for learners without previous knowledge and A1
  • In German, English, French, Arabic and other languages

Web offers for learning German

Wilkommen - Sprachführer Grafik: Goethe-Institut / Jonas Vogler

„Willkommen“ phrase book

  • basic phrases and dialogues with Arabic translation
  • facilitates initial linguistic orientation in Germany
  • Level: for learners without previous knowledge and A1
  • in German and Arabic

Mein Weg nach Deutschland Foto (Ausschnitt): © Flo Karr / Unsplash

Mein Weg nach Deutschland (My path to Germany)

  • Videos and voice exercises and practical information about life in Germany
  • Level: from A1
  • in 20 languages, incl. Arabic, Persian, Tigrinya, Korean, Thai, …

Deutsch üben im Web Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

Deutsch für dich (German for you)

  • practice vocabulary and grammar in the community, chat with other learners and share learning tips
  • Level: from A1; for students with and without prior knowledge of German
  • in German and English 


German at work © Syda Productions – Fotolia.com

Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz (German at the workplace)

  • interviews and films to get to know more about daily work in Germany
  • exercises on the levels from A1 to B2
  • in German

Children's Stories in arabic

Einfach hören! © Colourbox

Einfach hören

Funny stories about horses, witches and footballers – read in Arabic and available to download as podcasts for you to listen to anywhere!

Just Read! Photo: Bettina Siegwart © Goethe-Institut

Just read! Library books for children and young people in Arabic

What is already being offered by libraries for refugees; how can this be financed; and how can foreign-language children’s books be offered? 


FEELS – Introductory language learning courses for learning support volunteers
Are you a learning support volunteer for people who are learning German but have no experience of language learning for refugees? Then why not take part in an introduction to language learning for refugees, where you will receive practical tips and assistance from experienced German teachers at the Goethe-Institut, or use the materials and methods suggested in our FEELS online classroom.

Further information about FEELS

German language learning games for starters
The language learning games can be used especially at first contact with German and for the initial orientation of refugees and expelled in Germany. The linguistic objectives are similar to those in other learning materials that are available for the target group. Therefore, they are quite appropriate to use as additional practice materials:
–  classic and newer forms of play for learning German 
–  support the first language contact with German-speaking people and Germany 

Language learning games

Film case for refugee children and adolescents
The Goethe Institute makes 15 film cases available for refugee children and adolescents for film screenings. The cases are always provided with a "suitcase godfather". Inquiries via the Bundesverband Jugend und Film. 

 The selection of films is curated by Michael Harbauer, director of the “Schlingel” International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences.
In the suitcases are 18 feature films with Arabic and German subtitles or language versions and 2 animation and short film programs with nonverbal films. This is accompanied by an educational film manual.


Federal Agency for Civic Education

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues for all people in Germany.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees provides information about migration to Germany, integration, naturalisation, assisted return and etc.

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

All you need to know about asylum procedure, labour-market access, recognition of qualifications and assistance in Germany.

The Federal Employment Agency

The Federal Employment Agency will help you to get your vocational qualification recognised and find a training place or employment.

Germany's library Bibliothekportal

Library Portal is your door to the library world in Germany, with a list of libraries and the service they offer