Internationale Deutsch-
Olympiade 2024

The IDO is legendary. Known as a major international celebration of the German language, the 2024 edition of the contest comes to Göttingen! Young participants will compete for the title of best learner of the German language and also embark on a journey of discovery through the green city of science. In national preliminary rounds, around 60 countries around the world are now preparing for the grand IDO final in Göttingen from 15 to 22 July 2024. It’s taking part that counts!

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Participating countries IDO 2024

Highlights from the national preliminary rounds

Around the world at a glance: Over 60 countries are taking part in the IDO. Discover the first highlights from the national preliminaries here.

We're in!

Well done: These students have already come out on top in the national preliminary rounds thanks to their excellent German language skills. Click here for the portraits of all participating students and accompanying teachers from around the world.

Review of the IDO 2022 in Hamburg: Highlights at a glance

FAQs Ido 2024

  • The Internationale Deutscholympiade (IDO) is the world’s biggest contest for German language learners. In 2024, it will take place from 15 to 22 July according to the motto “DABEI SEIN! Wissen schaffen. Zukunft machen” (“BE THERE! Creating knowledge. Making the future”).
  • The final elimination is contested every two years with the venue alternating between Goethe-Institut cities in Germany. In the past, the following cities have hosted the IDO: Dresden in 2008, Hamburg in 2010, Frankfurt in 2012 and 2014, Berlin in 2016, Freiburg in 2018, in digital format with a Dresden connection in 2020, and Hamburg again in 2022. Göttingen will host the event for the first time in 2024.

  • The next edition of the IDO is due to take place in Göttingen from 15 to 22 July 2024. Its motto: “DABEI SEIN! Wissen schaffen. Zukunft machen” (“BE THERE! Creating knowledge. Making the future”).
  • Next summer, around 100 students and 50 accompanying teachers from over 50 countries will gather in Göttingen for the finale. 

School children who have qualified at A2, B1 or B2 level in a Nationale Deutscholympiade (NDO) or other national selection procedure are eligible to compete in the IDO. Participants must be between 14 and 17 years of age.
Two students may participate per country. The students may qualify in different levels or in the same level.

In line with the principles of fairness, the following persons are not allowed to participate in the contest: 

  • students whose mother tongue is German or who have at least one German-speaking parent
  • students who have lived for more than six months at a time in a German-speaking country since turning three
  • students at German schools abroad
  • students of local private schools whose principal language of instruction and communication is German
  • students who already have a language scholarship for Germany for 2024
  • students who have already started studying at a university
  • students who are already of legal age (18 or older).
Students who provide false information about themselves will be disqualified and/or stripped of their title.

The winners of the qualifying rounds in each participating country’s national contest (Nationale Deutscholympiade) may then represent their country in the finals in Göttingen.  

The language training departments at Goethe-Instituts abroad are responsible for organizing their Nationale Deutscholympiade in concert with the German teachers’ association and other local partners.

  • Contact your local Goethe-Institut to register for the Nationale Deutscholympiade. Each country is responsible for organizing its Nationale Deutscholympiade in detail, so we cannot provide any universally applicable information here.
  • Nationale Deutscholympiade can sign up for the Internationale Deutscholympiade at a Goethe-Institut or Goethe-Institut liaison office abroad.

  • Contestants can look forward to a ten-day programme of events in Göttingen. The world’s best German learners from the national qualifying rounds compete for the top three places in three language proficiency levels. Contestants are expected to display not only language skills but also cultural competencies, creativity and team spirit.
  • Contestants can look forward to interesting workshops, tours of the city of Göttingen, meetings with young people, businesses and people from the local and art and culture scene, and an attractive programme of cultural, educational and leisure activities. They will experience first-hand the Olympic ideals of peaceful coexistence, fair competition and the rich diversity of the world’s different cultures.

Participation in the IDO is funded by the Goethe-Institut’s scholarship programme.


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