Research trips for curators from Germany

Since 2008, the Goethe-Institut in Germany has been offering curators who live and work in Germany and wish to pursue a specific research project in the field of international contemporary art the opportunity to apply for a grant towards a research trip abroad.


  • to assist curators from Germany in expanding their knowledge of international contemporary art
  • to enable the forging of stronger links between the art scene in Germany and other countries
  • to support exhibition projects on international contemporary art


  • For curators who live and work in Germany
  • Research findings should result in an exhibition/event in Germany.
  • Curators who are employed at institutions as well as freelance curators may apply.
  • Applicants must submit a detailed application covering the following points:
    • brief description of the project and the specific aims of the research trip
    • outline of the proposed travel itinerary (duration of the trip, details of places, institutions and people to be visited, etc.)
    • project budget, including the applicant’s own contribution where relevant.
  • They also add a short CV.
  • As a rule, the Goethe-Institut will not fund the total cost of the research trip; partial funding is provided to cover, for example, travel costs and/or to assist with accommodation costs. Applicants who request a grant for the full cost of their research trip must provide specific reasons for this request. As a rule, the maximum grant available per research trip is EUR 5,000 (five thousand euros). Expenses for materials and fees are not covered by the Goethe-Institut.
  • Should the awardee travel to a destination where a Goethe Institute is located, they are asked to contact staff at the relevant Goethe Institute prior to departure and to consider whether local cooperation would be possible. Should the curator actively participate in projects supported by a local branch of the Goethe-Institut during their research trip, separate arrangements must be made with the local institute concerned with regard to their respective contributions, costs, etc.
  • Upon completion of the research trip, awardees must write a short report and send this to the Goethe-Institut/Bereich Bildende Kunst within two months of returning from the trip.
  • Awardees are also required to inform the Goethe-Institut of any subsequent exhibitions, projects, publications, etc. that result from the research trip. In such instances, the curators are asked to ensure that the support of the Goethe-Institut is properly acknowledged and that the Goethe-Institut logo is used in all materials and media (print media, internet etc.) relating to the project.
  • Please note that a further grant cannot be awarded within the next three years. Only one application can be submitted.
  • The stipend cannot be granted as shortfall funding in connection with travel expenses that are not covered in the case of residency invitations, for curating previously planned exhibition projects abroad, or guest lectures. Goethe-Institut branches are your contact points for co-operations of this kind, however they should be addressed by your local inviting partner.
  • The stipend cannot be granted for academic research or study trips (for example for Ph.D. thesis research, academic publications or preparation of university courses).