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UmWelten in Australien©Goethe-Institut Australien

Film Project UmWelten

What are the pivotal risks to the environment in your country? Which environmental projects can be found in your neighbourhood or city? How can you contribute to the protection of the environment? What does protecting the environment mean? These are some of the questions which were addressed by PASCH students from Vietnam, Pakistan, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Australia and Ukraine as part of the project UmWelten. Based on their ideas, research and interviews with experts, they produced their own films on the subject of the environment.

UmWelten - a global PASCH Project

UmWelten is a project by participating Goethe-Instituts in collaboration with Glocal Films with the support of local experts and environmental initiatives.

Click here to access the playlist with films from all participating countries. Further information on the international project can be found on the PASCH-net website.

UmWelten in Australia

In Australia 20 PASCH students of the four PASCH schools participated in a one-week student camp in Mount Tamborine in South East Queensland. Guided by the experts from Glocal Films, the students addressed current environmental topics with the use of the medium film. The program was accompanied by a social media workshop, a get-together and "Study in Germany" info session with PASCH alumni and lots of language games.
PASCH Camp © glocalfilms.net Producing a film relies on team work: Starting with research and the writing of a script, through to camera work and conducting interviews, to the editing of film and sound material. With the help of local experts, the students explored their immediate ecosystem and at the same time processed their acquired knowledge into a medium that can be educational for others - and all of that in German!

The results were impressive: Both film documentaries received great praise and captured the audience's attention at the screening on the last day of the camp. One of the films, „Natürlich, Nachhaltig“ gives insight into the traditional approaches to sustainable living by the Aboriginal Peoples. „Wahres Blau“ addresses the topic of water shortage. Both productions highlight the responsibility that each of us has in dealing with the environment by giving practical tips to sustainable living.

Follow the link to the PASCH-Blog on pasch-net.de to find out more about the camp.

The Films




A Sustainable Project

The Goethe-Institut Professional Learning Facilitators have developed teaching materials for both films "Natürlich, nachhaltig" and "Wahres Blau". Using the teaching materials in the classroom and in professional learning raises awareness and enable other students to learn about local and national environmental topics. The issues around water shortage and bushfires serve in these films as practical examples of current issues. The fact that these topics are current and relatable attests to the significance and value of this project in Australia and around the world. 

True to the sustainability focus of the project, the teaching materials are available as environmentally friendly fillable PDF files. 

Teaching Materials