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Cooperation Partners

Our Australian partners are essential for our cultural projects as well as our German language programs. Here you can find an overview of our cooperation partners in arts and culture as well as German Language.

Kunst und Kultur

Die Zusammenarbeit mit australischen Partnern bei Kunst und Kultur Projekten ist unerlässlich. Das Goethe-Institut arbeitet eng mit Institutionen aus dem öffentlichen, privaten und akademischen Sektor zusammen.


Das Goethe-Institut arbeitet mit Kooperationspartnern wie Prüfungszentren, Deutschlehrerverbänden und Lehrmittelzentren zusammen um sowohl Deutsch Lehrende so wie Lernende zu unterstützen.


Examination Center

These examination centres are accredited to conduct the Goethe-Institut's own examinations. Most would also offer language courses preparing candidates for the exam. The examination procedure is under the direct control of the Goethe-Institut in the same country.

Teachers' Resource Centres

The Goethe-Institut’s Teachers’ Resource Centres are located in libraries or other public institutions. They provide teachers of German in many countries with a main selection of teaching materials. Those materials give an overview of the diversity of available instruction manuals and supplementary materials for teaching German as a foreign language. During consultation sessions with experienced colleagues, teachers can choose which materials are best suited for their particular students.  


Christoph Mücher

Goethe-Institut Australien
Tel.: +61 2 8356 8333

Matthias Jakus

Goethe-Institut Australien
Head of Language
Deputy Director
Tel.: +61 3 9864 8925