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Young people around the world have been taking to the streets for more climate justice since 2018. What drives them? What ideas do they have for the future? And how do they get organized? Eight bloggers and activists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain explore these questions for Blog, Engage, Act! to report on the climate fever of their generation in short articles and on Instagram.

Season 4: Of a more climate-friendly future!

For three seasons, we at Blog, Engage, Act have dealt with present: we have elucidated the status quo against climate change and have taken a look at developments behind the scenes in the climate movement. To conclude, the bloggers now look into the future and ask how social change is possible, how change is already lived today, which (creative) ingredients are needed for it and why you have to be a part of it! 

Season 3: How a movement grows

The climate crisis has a very unequal impact on people worldwide and is intensifying discrimination. This is precisely why it is important to keep an eye on aspects such as classism, racism, sexism, (neo-)colonialism and many other struggles both within and outside of climate justice movements.

In the third season of Blog, Engage, Act! our bloggers are consequently focusing on priorities in movements. What will it take for differences and commonalities? How do I create awareness for the injustices in our world? And above all, how can those affected have their say in a world that is dominated by inequalities?

Season 2: behind the scenes

The second season of Blog, Engage, Act takes a look behind the scenes of the climate movement: What does the movement really want? What common goals connect the many different groups? We learn more about how the movements get organised during the pandemic, why climate conferences are a good place for protest actions, and why activists nonetheless do not want to leave the development of a socially just climate agenda up to the international negotiation rounds alone. Last but far from least, it is also about the role of personal commitment: What does ethical consumption achieve and how can we convince others of this? And to what extent does activism actually shape and change the lives of activists?

Season 1: Are we winning?

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