10 jours pour un film 2016

TITLE Heritage
SYNOPSIS Wazy, a young girl in her thirties, is the only child and heiress of Atangana. After his death, she is expelled from the family home by her uncles who believe that a daughter should not inherit her father's property.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Yolande Welimoum is passionate about performing arts and cinematography. She offers her knowledge as a temporary teacher in performing arts and cinematography at the University of Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon.

TITLE L’enfer c'est mon genre
SYNOPSIS A 20-year-old girl has just lost her mother. She lives with her father-in-law Roger (55) and half-brother Eric (33). The latter regularly abuses her under threat and she ends up conceiving of him.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Actress, Comedian, Director, Scriptwriter. She studied cinematography at the University of Yaounde 1.

TITLE Point de vue
SYNOPSIS Point de vue tells the story of a young king who wakes up in the body of a woman and suffers the violence that women endure on a daily basis. Saddened by this reality, he decides to join the fight to eradicate violence against women in his village.

SYNOPSIS Hands is the story of Mboe, a young Cameroonian woman who immigrates to Germany where she works as a nurse. Despite her desire to return to her native country to help her family, Mboe struggles daily in the medical field to make the most of her talent despite the difficulties she faces because of her skin colour.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR LEA MALLE Frank Thierry is a Cameroonian scriptwriter, director and producer born on 31 May 1987 in Douala. Holder of a Master's degree in Performing Arts and Cinematography obtained at the University of Yaoundé I, he created in 2016 the audiovisual and cinematographic production house "Inception Arts & Com", whose head office is in Yaoundé. The filmmaker has to his credit four (04) short films and two feature films, all of which have won awards in national and international festivals.