10 jours pour un film 2017

TITLE My Core Indubitably
SYNOPSIS It’s imperative to live together when faced with the cruelty of life. Anjung and Tchi are siblings, they love each other and desire same feelings towards their father Mr. Worros who unfortunately does not seem to understand the importance of living together. Due to his numerous deceptions with women, he develops hate and transfer aggression to his kids.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Nange Lisette Malung was born 17/6/1990 in the littoral region. Holds a Master degree in Arts and currently into PhD program in Art studies. Co-founder and president of the Visionary Theatre Troupe-VTT. She is a writer, actress, director and producer (theatre/cinema) written 10 Plays; 5 Short stories of which Aku a Mifi made her emerged as one of the Laureats for the National Writing Competition for Young Authors 2018 in Cameroon organized by the Ministry of Arts and Culture

TITLE Nyangono
SYNOPSIS For the celebration of the national unity day, ten girls from the ten regions of Cameroon are invited to Yaoundé for the election of the Miss national unity. NYANGONO who represents the South is put in the same room as Eka, the representative of the North-West, a region that brings back bad memories to NYANGONO.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born on August 12, 1991 in Cameroon, Jean Marc ANDA is a young Cameroonian filmmaker whose graduation film LE PATRIOTE was selected in about fifteen national and international festivals such as the FESPACO 2017 where it was in competition in the category of school films. Later in 2019, he will direct a TV film, PROFANATION, which will be presented in several national and international festivals such as the Festival of Cultural Identities in Burkina-Faso and for which the broadcasting rights will be acquired by the TV5 Monde television channel.

TITLE Toi et moi
SYNOPSIS 'You and Me': The village Terre remains a very small village in the country Universe, because they have never won the national dance, due to arbitrary and discriminating laws. Fortunately, its notable Sève has an idea to allow them to win the competition..
TITLE Cuisine Mondial
SYNOPSIS 'Cuisine Mondiale' is a film which, through the culinary prism, relates the partition of Africa and dreams of its emancipation. It was shot in Berlin, the city where the 1885 treaty legitimising the partition of Africa was signed.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Holder of a scientific baccalaureate, he started a university course. Self-taught screenwriter and writer-director.