10 jours pour un film 2022

SYNOPSIS Liya, a 27 year old nurse is running late for an important staff meeting at the clinic where she works. Caught up in bottleneck traffic, she is in a dilemma whether to help a pregnant woman in labour give birth right there on the street or look for another means to get to the meeting on time - which could cost her job, if she didn't make it.
ABOUT THE  AUTHOR Writer, Editor, Photoghrapher and graphic designer Worked with Ecran Noir and Afrobit productions

TITLE Miroirs
SYNOPSIS Ebéné is a young girl with a dark complexion and a heavy build who envies the body of Ange, a neighbour with a light complexion and a model's body. One night before going to sleep, Ebéné wishes she were like Ange. She wakes up in Ange's skin and experiences situations that make her realise that Ange also has problems that make her so unhappy that she wants to kill herself. When Ebéné wakes up a second time, she realizes that it was only a dream and decides to help Ange.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Master's Degree in Film Art, Bachelor's Degree in Film Art

SYNOPSIS Stella is a strapping 21 year old woman in need of love, whose parents are not around much. As she enters university, she begins to desperately seek to please. Throughout her early adulthood, she thinks she will find this affection with two successive lovers by consenting to radical physical changes to match their beauty ideals.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dynamic and ambitious filmmaker with several years of experience in scriptwriting. Training, Heritage Workshop, by Jean Marie Teno