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Goethe-Découverte 2018


Mahoussi_100 ©R.Bisse MAHOUSSI MUSIC BAND

Mysta Legacy_100 ©Y.Aboueme MYSTA LEGACY

Joyce Babatunde_100 ©Y.Aboueme JOYCE BABATUNDE

Young_Octave_100 ©Y.Aboueme YOUNG OCTAVE

Laurent Ngimbog ©Goethe-Institut Kamerun LAURENT NGIMBOG
  Mawanda_Tanz ©Y.Aboueme MAWANDA

CieLes3Pierres_Tanz_Mii Mou_100 ©Roland Bisse CIE LES 3 PIERRES

EbonyTheatre_100 ©Roland Bisse EBONY THEATRE

Visionary Theatre Troupe_ ©Y.Aboueme VISIONARY THEATRE TROUPE
Wilfried Nakeu_100 ©Y.Aboueme WILFRIED NAKEU

Keutch_100 ©Y.Aboueme KEUTCH

Cyril Juvenil Assomo ©Goethe-Institut Kamerun JUVENIL ASSOMO
Logo_Découverte_100 ©Roland Bisse ALL