Workshop Enter Africa - Gamify your City Future

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Mon, 25.02.2019 -
Fri, 01.03.2019

Goethe-Institut Yaoundé

Rue Joseph Mballa Eloumden (Rue 1.077)
B.P. 10 67 Yaoundé

With Bedilu Dagmawi

15 African countries are involved in the big project "Enter Africa". Everywhere, young teams develop local based games about the past, present and future of their city. In Cameroon, we will soon be able to download the game "Ongola Land" on our smartphones. The game is almost ready and to finalise, the expert Bedilu Dagmawi will be coming back to Yaoundé for a 5-day workshop with the members of “Enter Africa Yaounde”. After all 15 games have been launched in Africa, the various ideas will lead to a transnational mega-game on future scenarios for African cities that will be presented at one of the world’s biggest game conventions, Gamescom, in Germany in 2019. More information on