Film Minga and the Broken Spoon

Minga ©Minga

Wed, 24.04.2019

Goethe-Institut Yaoundé

Rue Joseph Mballa Eloumden (Rue 1.077)
B.P. 10 67 Yaoundé

Claye Edou, 80 min, CMR 2017

Minga and the Broken Spoon is one of the very first Cameroonian animated films. It was designed and made by Cedley Production founder Claye Edou, who is portraitist with a passion for animated films and musical comedies. Minga, an orphaned girl, lives with her stepmother, Mami Kaba, who buries her with chores. One day, while doing the dishes, Minga accidentally breaks a spoon and is kicked out of the house to return only upon replacing the broken spoon. The story is loosely based on a popular Cameroonian tale, “La Cuillère cassée”, which appeared in the collection of short stories, Les Contes du Cameroun, written by Charles Binam Bikoi and Emmanuel Soundjock and published in 1970. The film has been screened at various festivals in Cameroon and is broadcast on international channels.  After the screening the director will discuss with the audience.